Bible Verses for Parents

5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent

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Bible Verses for Parents

My floors are dusty. We moved to Mexico last year and are just settling into our home. (**update** We are now back home in Tennessee, but plan on taking regular missions team down to Mexico!) It’s not finished. No counters and cabinets. And no flooring yet, just raw uneven concrete.


The concrete flooring is causing a major problem with dust in the house. We cannot walk barefoot in the house. I can dust everything one day and the very next day everything has a thin layer of dust coating.


The house is a work in progress. Just like us – parents.
Parenting isn’t easy. It’s a beautiful thing, but it is not easy.


Some days my heart overflows with all the love and cuddles of my littles. And yet, on other days, I’m grasping the bathroom sink, looking into the mirror thinking I have no clue what I’m doing.
So I dove deep into God’s word to find these 5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent to help encourage us through the ups and downs of parenting.  
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5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent


Bible Verses for Parents

One last final tidbit of encouragement…Rejoice! Let the joy of the Lord always overshadow your home as your raise mighty warriors for Him. Rejoice in the fact that God has amazing plans for your children! Rejoice in the knowledge that you are not alone in this parenting thing – God is for you and is always with you.
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Starla Jimenez
Bible verses for Parents

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