Managing holiday stress

Managing Holiday Stress

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The holidays can be so hard. With our lives already busy, we add on the hectic holiday schedules, holiday cooking, holiday spending, etc. What are your best tips for managing holiday stress? The holiday season often brings along with it unwanted stress. These “tips for a stress free holiday season” might just mean the difference between an enjoyable holiday and one where you’d rather hide away in the bed till it passes. 

Stress Free Holiday Tips

Christmas parties, holiday shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, children Christmas play practices, extended time with family, limited funds and everything else wrapped around the holidays may cause unwanted stress.
Keeping God the center of our life and focus will help keep stress at bay. However, here are a few more ways to have less stress during the holidays

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

Realize that you can only do so much. As a natural introvert, the more my calendar fills up, the more stressed I get. You have to pick and choose what events are important to you, and which ones you can stand to miss out on if you’re just too tired. Declining politely will suffice, you don’t even have to give a reason. Just say ‘no’ and stick with your decision without feeling bad. People understand that everyone is busy this time of year. – Lively Table

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If you’re aiming to simplify Christmas, take time to ponder ways to cut stress, save money and tame over-the-top traditions. Setting simplicity strategies in place early will keep you from being swept up in holiday madness.

This is the time of year that we should spend more time counting our blessings, remembering what we have instead of worrying about what we don’t. Instead of “Keeping up with the Jones’s,” take a minute to appreciate the abundance of love, health, family, and friends.

Managing holiday stress also includes teaching your kids about abundance. They should know that the most important things in life are the things that make us the happiest: good relationships with family and friends, a partner we can share our life with and a full schedule of social activities that involve lots of smiling and laughing. – ewellnessmag

What Causes Holiday Stress?

What causes the holiday blues?

  • stress,
  • fatigue,
  • unrealistic expectations,
  • overcommercialization,
  • financial stress,
  • the inability to be with one’s family and friends, and.
  • in addition to sadness, many people feel holiday anxiety or stress, particularly when they feel unable to cope with the demands upon them.

How can I be stress free for Christmas?”It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but also a time when stress levels soar. We have put together some top tips to stop stress in its tracks and make the season of goodwill more enjoyable.

How to reduce Christmas stress

  1. Limit spending.
  2. Manage expectations.
  3. Avoid overindulging.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Have some fun.

How do you get through the holidays?

Holidays can bring mixed emotions.Follow these tips to make them more joyous.

  1. Keep your regular routine.
  2. Think moderation.
  3. Be realistic, and try not to expect the “ideal” holiday.
  4. Stay connected.
  5. Throw guilt out the window.
  6. Don’t be alone, if you don’t want to be.
  7. Focus on today, not yesterday.
  8. Just say no.

What are your best tips for managing holiday stress?

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