A Christian View of Dealing with Grief

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Dealing with the absence of not just a loved one, but someone who’s presence touched every part of your life can bring you to your knees before God like never before. 

Often times, through the tear stained face and confused heart, we question God in His sovereignty. 

Grief is a sad part of the human experience. It is a part of life. 

But we have this hope of Christ – He is strong enough to carry our burdens, pain, unmet expectation, sorrow and grief. In exchange, He will refresh us, strengthen us and guide us.

A Christian View of Dealing with Grief


Christian View of Dealing with Grief

I had the privileged of reading Dr. Lynn Smith’s newest book “A Seed Of Hope For a Journey Through Grief” I was captivated by every word and enjoyed the book. I loved that she quoted many scripture verses and shared her own prayers through out the book. I finished the book feeling as though I was there; a witness to the tears and love.  

You can read more about Dr Lynn Smith on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. 

Here are more reviews that may interest you on “A Seed of Hope For a Journey Through Grief” 

“This book will not only touch people on a grief level, but a spiritual and communicative level with our loving Father.” – Tammy Covey


“A Seed of Hope For a Journey Through Grief” is a riveting, heartfelt story that will resonate immediately with anyone that has experienced the loss of a loved one.”  – Charlotte Roth

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Do you have a scripture verse that has helped you deal with grief?

Starla J. 

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