What Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day.

Happy first day of May!Mother’s Day is soon upon us. Are you wondering what to get your mother? Husband’s, guess what, your kids need your help to honor their mother on this special day. Show them how it’s done. This is the woman who gave birth to […]

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The Problem with Being Supermom.

Do you ever have those moments when you feel God slap you on your hand? Disciplining you? Opening your eyes to something you are doing that isn’t good for you and your relationship with Him?I had one of those moments this morning during my devotion […]

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What if Someone Disrespected Your Child?

You see kids not playing with your kids. Not being fair in taking turns. You see them being critical of your child. Making fun of them and what they are wearing or eating. Leaving your child out. You see others staring at your your child like something is […]

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