coloring page with colored pencils, coloring pages with Bible verses

Coloring Pages With Bible Verses

I love coloring pages with bible verses! I use them as a way to unwind or destress after a long day. I keep them by my bible journaling supplies and prayer journal so that whenever I feel like reflecting on a bible verse and be creative I’ll pull one out and start coloring. Grab my bundle of printable coloring pages with bible verses below.

Coloring Pages With Bible Verses

Spiritual coloring pages are great for people, like myself, who are not artsy (I can draw a stick person and that’s about as far as my capabilities go. LOL) but still enjoy a beautiful page of design and color. This allows you to still create something pretty. And why not reflect on God’s word as you color!

I really enjoy prayer journaling, bible journaling and scripture writing, but because I can not draw well I heavily rely on printables to help me be creative. This works for me and I love it!

Coloring As Therapy

What does coloring do to help relax us? I did a little research and found that according to health.clevelandclinic, “A simple act, such as coloring, takes your attention away from yourself (and those things that are stressing you out!) and onto the present-moment event. “In this way, it is very much like a meditative exercise,” Dr. Bea says. And It relaxes the brain. When thoughts are focused on this simple activity, your brain tends to relax. “You’re not disturbed by your own thoughts and appraisals,” he says. “The difficulties of life evaporate from your awareness, and both your body and your brain may find this rewarding.””

How Does Coloring Reduce Stress?

It seems as though adult coloring books may be therapeutic. According to mindwise, “researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain. As you do something creative, allow yourself to experience your stressful thoughts and recognize them as just thoughts and not as something that defines you. Over time, as you continue to practice creativity, this special time can actually alter your brain for the better. Harvard researchers found meditation can change the brain’s grey matter –– a major part of the central nervous system that is associated with processing information –– as well as providing nutrients and energy to neurons. These changes can lead to improved mood, memory, and a reduction in stress.”

What better thing to mediate on than God’s WORD!! Use THIS huge list of Bible Reading plans to help get you started.

So it seems that doing something creative, such as using coloring pages with Bible verses, may offer some help to improving mood, enhancing mindfulness, and reducing mental health stress.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know I’m a big fan of being able to love Jesus and have a therapist too. So please do not hesitate to reach out to your Dr, Counselor or Therapist if you need help with your stress.

Bible Color Pages

Grab this huge 51 page pdf printable set of coloring pages with bible verses! I would be thrilled if you to share your colored pages in my group Coffee Talk For Christian Women or use hashtag #coffeewithStarla on any social media platform. I’d love to show your picture some love.

bible verse coloring sheets, coloring pages with bible verses


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Coloring page with colored pencils, coloring pages with Bible verses

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