Do We Need an Upgrade in Our Behavior?

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Selfishness. We always watch out for #1. Me Me Me. 

I’ve learned if I want to walk in love and not in selfishness, I have to plan it. I have to be intentional about blessing others. Maybe it comes easy to you, but If I don’t plan it and make it happen, then it probably wouldn’t happen. 

Our human flesh wants us to keep our stuff, our money, and our time. We work hard for what we have. I’ve been that “Christian” when prompted by God to give to someone; I would ask God for double confirmation, for an angel to appear, or something! Especially if it is someone who has hurt me. LOL Yes! I realize how shameful this is now that I’ve been thinking about it. 

BUT….If we want an upgrade in our lives, in our joy, in our blessings from God, we must come down off the “All about me” pillar and get on the “All about God and others” pillar. It’s not about me…or you…but it’s about God. 

The best way for God to bless me is for me to bless others. The best way for God to change my selfishness is for me to submit my heart to God and allow Him to bless others through me. Yes, even the people that hurt me. 

Love will melt that hard heart. God is love. When I allow God’s love to pour over my hard heart, I’m allowing God to soften me. 

How do I overcome evil? With Good. 

Romans 12:21 KJV “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

So, when you are going through a rough time; bless someone. With out question, without needing triple confirmations from God and without holding back because of selfish desires. The bible tells us good conquers evil. If I want an upgrade in my joy and blessings then I need to first upgrade my behavior. I want to be made perfect in love; God’s love. 1 John 4:17-18 

More than Blessed, 

Starla J. 

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9 thoughts on “Do We Need an Upgrade in Our Behavior?”

  1. Oh Starla! I too have been guilty of asking for extra confirmation from God beforehelping others. But I have also noticed that when I bless others I feel better about my life and self.

  2. Yes, I agree. I've been focusing a lot on Luke 9:23 – to deny myself and take up my cross daily. I get weary sometimes, but God always finds little ways to encourage me. I wrote about one today that I really needed to hear to be reminded of my purpose and service.

  3. Ooh thank you! Amen! I've definitely been guilty of saying, "God how can I possi be a blessing!! Don't you see my bank account?!?" But you are absolutely right – we need to be more about others and much less about ourselves. And God provides!

  4. I love the quote, "Love will melt a hard heart!" It's so true! I've been dealing with a bad attitude this week, and need this breath of fresh air! Thanks for the encouragement, my friend!

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