Failing at the Cover Up.

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One of my favorite ways to get exercise in is to walk outdoors. I love the walking trails that are in my local area. There is one trail conveniently close to my home that has gorgeous views. Walkers, runners and bicyclist all enjoy this trail. It has every half mile marked. The kids and I will walk a mile to a mile and a half in then turn around and walk that same distance out. It’s beautiful in every season.  
On one particular warm day, as the kids and I were out on this trial, a young lady went jogging past us. She was dressed from head to toe in perfect looking running gear: head band, running shirt, shorts, shoes, and an armband to hold her iPhone. She looked like she had her act together as she jogged past us. However, within seconds of her passing by, this overwhelming smell of perfume engulfed my kids and I. The smell was so strong and lingered longer than we liked. I was confused why this young woman would drench herself in perfume to go out for a run. The perfume overpowered the sweet aroma of the wild flowers and the fresh outdoor air.

Nature trail, big bridge, having the right relationship with God
Beautiful Bridge on the Walking Trail

One of my kids, in their perfect childlike wisdom, said that perhaps she puts on too much perfume to cover up her stinky smell she gets from all her running.  I smiled at my kids and we kept on walking; hoping that a breeze would come along and blow the perfume smell away. 

God spoke to my heart as soon as my child made that statement. He told me that sometimes, as Christians, we try to cover up things in our lives. The stench of sin. The ugliness of bitterness. The pain. The brokenness. 

We pull out our christian check list and quickly mark everything off. Not really focusing on God, our relationship with Him and letting Him draw us closer to Him, but hurriedly getting through our prayer and devotion time just to get it marked off our list. We make sure to post pics of our opened bible and coffee cup out on the porch so everyone can see we are “good Christians” on social media. We dress the part: putting on our smiles and speaking the Christian lingo. I’m not saying that those things in and of themselves are wrong. I’m saying some of us may use these as a way to disguise our reality to others and even to ourselves. 

The reality is that we push down and try to cover up that we are perhaps drowning in an overwhelming schedule, unmet needs, sin, pain, and brokenness. 

We all have things we need to work on. Not one human being is perfect. Romans 3:23 reminds us that we have all fallen short of the glory of God. So why do we try to put on a facade? Why must our goal be to make everyone think we are perfect and we have our act together?   

We push down deep the things we should really be bringing up and letting God help us in our brokenness. 

God wants us to run to Him. He wants to be our healer. He created us to be there for each other, so we can help each other through the hard times in life. 

There is no need to cover up our weakness. God sees it all anyways as mentioned in Hebrews 4:13. He knows you better than you know yourself. Read Psalm 139:2-4. We may be able to deceive others and maybe even deceive ourselves, but we cannot deceive God. 

Perhaps the prestige or pressure of our titles keeps us from showing our weakness. Pastor, Pastor’s Wife, Sunday School Teacher, Board Member or mentor. We all have weaknesses. We all have areas that God needs to work on us in. No amount of covering it up will change that. 

What is great about our weakness is that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9. He loves to do mighty things through our weakness. 

Let’s encourage each other to uncover our weakness before God and let Him heal us, change us and make us new. There is no need for carrying around these burdens any longer. Be free in Christ! 

At the end of the day, all that matters is our relationship with God. It doesn’t matter what our friends, co-workers, family nor friends think of us. All that matters is that we are free in and through our relationship with God. 

So let’s stop drenching ourselves in “perfume” to cover-up our weaknesses. Let’s choose to be humble before God and lay at His feet all that we are. 

When we lay at His feet all that we are, He lets us pick up His peace, strength and power! All for His Glory! 


Starla J. 

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14 thoughts on “Failing at the Cover Up.”

  1. I really appreciate knowing I'm not the only one who hates a cover up. I stopped attending churches where everyone played cover up. The first Sunday at our current church we walked in to a video of people from the church confessing some extremely personal sins on an iPad and then how Jesus restored them. I was like, "YES!" Confession of our sins keeps up humble, but also keeps us from putting that sin between us and God. When we are open about it, Satan can't use it against us, can't shame us into forgetting that we've been redeemed.

  2. This was a beautiful and much needed read. I was sharing with a sister after Bible study last night that was struggling to confess something I could tell she really wanted off her chest, that Satan binds us by our secrecy. We can be transparent before God because He is safe; those less than glorious moments of ours don't intimidate Him. And we should all have a group of close friends, who are believers, whom we can confess our sins to and pray for each other regularly without fear of gossip or judgment. It's how God designed us to live as part of the body of Christ!

  3. Wooww, i have been struggling with some things and i just finished studying this very words, i wept during my study time because i allowed Jesus to see the true weakness in me and help me deal with them. I surrendered it all to him. Reading these brought tears to my eyes. Am so overwhelmed with Joy. This is a divine message from heaven. Thank you so much for allowing Christ speak though you..

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