He prays for me.

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He prays for me! His heart is moved for me. He loves me. He has great things in store for me. My heart can trust in Him. 

The more I discover who Jesus is, the more I get to know Him. I find him to be better than ever before. He gets sweeter. 

Are there hard days? You bet! 

My heart is broken, my pain is deep, my need is great but there is victory in Jesus. We have to walk through trials and problems. Jesus is big enough to help us and to give us victory.

What if my season of delay…. What if Jesus is waiting to answer my need…. to make me a brighter light than ever before. 

What if my hurt is to help someone else. 

What if my momentary problem changes someones eternity.

To turn my testimony into something fierce! 

It’s worth it to have a closer walk with God. 

It’s worth it for Jesus.

Jesus changes lives. He is worth my life. He is worth everything. 

Because of who He is I can endure trials. Because of who He is I can have peace and safety.

It will be worth it all.

God has not forgotten me. It is impossible for God to forget me. It is impossible for Him to not come through for me. He is everything the bible says He is!
Isaiah 49:13-19

Let’s pray

I am encouraged at Romans 8:34. You pray for me. Thank you that I can seek refuge in You. Thank you that You are my peace and strength. Thank you for interceding for me. When You chisel me into the woman, wife and mother that You want me to be I will cling to You. Please heal my pain and take care of my need. You are big enough. I know even the broken pieces of my heart can trust in You. You are my King of kings and Lord of lords. I praise You because you are worthy! I love you, Lord. 


Be encouraged that our God is everything the Bible says He is!! Cling to Him!


Starla J. 

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30 thoughts on “He prays for me.”

  1. I may be a little old school (and I'm ok with that) but I like to sing the old hymns to myself. They are just full of encouragement! While reading this, several came to my mind. I'll be singing all day now. 🙂

  2. I totally agree!! I've noticed the closer I grow with God, the happier I am. I become better each day. Even though things are still tough, I now have the confidence that it's all for a purpose!

  3. What a great way to look at trials and suffering. One of my favorite quotes from John Paul II reads, It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness; He is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you…" 🙂

  4. The idea that Jesus intervenes and prays for us has always blown me away. What an amazing God we serve…who loves us, prays for us, protects us, and uses everything the devil meant for death for life…and life abundant! Great post!

  5. I have a friend who is grieving the loss of her husband right now. She hurts so badly and it is amazing what truths God will give her to make her feel a bit better. A few weeks ago, she wept at the idea of Jesus praying for her. Sometimes we really need to know this! Thanks for the post.

  6. such sweet thoughts and prayer, sending one up for you! One thing we do in my faith is offer up our suffering for the intentions of others, or to lessen their suffering. E.g. a mom I know who just went through labor prayed for all her friend's intentions and offered up the suffering of her labor pains for them. Have a blessed week!

  7. I love knowing the Jesus intercedes for me! The more I learn about Him, the more it makes sense that the Father sent Him to earth. Jesus really does understand us! Thanks for these encouraging words!
    Jen 🙂

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