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Godly Principles for Marriage

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Godly Principles for Marriage. Men and women are completely equal in marriage, but God created us with a different sets of needs. He designed marriage to allow a husband and wife to meet each others’ needs.

One Godly Principle for Marriage is honor your spouse. 


I love interview questions. I love hearing the perspective of others on various topics. This blog post is just that. I got to ask how other women show honor to their husbands. 

I was curious if all wives honor their husbands in the same way?

Do all husbands feel honored in the same way?

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How do you honor your husband?

I asked this question “How do you honor your husband?” to some of my friends and on Facebook and this was the response I recieved. 

Charisee Marquez- “I honor my husband by respecting his wishes and requests. I ask for his opinion before anyone else’s and I tell him every day how much I love him. I also try to show him in the little things I do for him.”

Jenny Hill- “I honor my husband by lifting him up every day. I tell him that he is awesome, I will love him forever, I tell him he is my favorite, I always tell him thank you for taking such good care of me and of course I spoil him as much as possible.”

Brandy Toenges with Wonderful Messy Mom
“My husband requests that I make sure to spend our money wisely so I always double check my buggy at the store and ask myself, do we need this, will I use it soon or often. I put it back if it doesn’t fit that criteria.”

Katie Ann with Wise Wife Soaps
“I honor my husband by choosing my words carefully. Even if I disagree, I trust that God is leading my husband and thereby leading me.”

Amber Neal with Adventures in Mindful Living
“I honor my husband by trying to at least do 3 special things a day for him. It may be bringing him a cup of coffee, bringing him a special snack, or just taking the time to tell him that he is my favorite and I love him very much. I try to mindfully make sure that the things I say to him and about him are loving and respectful. I don’t always do the best job but I try, and by setting out to bless him every day it has helped me get in a habit of thinking of him.”

Cassandra Stone with Raising up Stones
“I’m still learning how to do this but I honor my husband by putting his needs and desires ahead of my own, by respecting his decisions even in times when they are not what I would have done and by affirming him in as many areas of life as I can. I also try to show interest in hobbies he loves and genuinely celebrate his success in them.”

Chrissy Luther with ChrissyLuther
“I love him and encourage him. I try to be the best wife & mom I can be. I try to remind him that he can do anything he sets his mind to. I never want to undermine his authority as husband and father. I try my best to make sure he is ready to take on his day (clothes ready, food prepared, etc). I try not to go to bed angry and I never leave the house without giving him a kiss and saying “I love you”. We do that on the phone too…even if we’re going to see each other in two minutes. The other thing is that, all of these things, he does for me also, Okay maybe he doesn’t iron but he does do laundry. We do all the big things to honor each other; love, trust and faithfulness but those little things matter to. And I PRAY for him.”

Tabitha Hawkins- ” I tell him how proud I am of him. I keep a neat clean house and raise our children to be polite respectful children, I do not speak ill of my husband; only good. I do not work outside of the home right now. So keeping an orderly home is out of respect for him even if he is deployed. I do the job of both right now as I  know you are too.”

Ingrid Matos with Entre Mujeres
“Let him take the place that God gave him as head of the house and not trying to go over him and take away his leadership. Taking care of him. Serve him with love and not for obligation. Loving him, to me, this one is the key because you will honor and respect him if you love him. Don’t criticize him.”

Mary Catone- “Don’t let others criticize him.”

Debbie Heck with Squiggly Twigs Designs
“When dealing with children, disagree in private.”

Denise Puckett with Ministry of Truth
“By doing everything I do for him as if I would be doing it for the Lord. Colossians 3:23-24.”

Melanie Nichols – “Forgive his faults because God forgives mine.”

Sandy Hardin -“I honor my husband by letting him lead our family and respecting his decisions. I also try not to say anything bad about him to anyone ever. That took a long for me to learn, but man what a difference it has made.”

I’m thinking that all husbands feel honored in different ways but there may be some general ways to honor our men that are similar. Everyone is unique.

Each marriage is different. Every marriage has gone through different ups and downs that make it different and can’t be compared to anyone else’s marriage.

What works for your marriage may not work for mine. 

I try to honor my husband by affirming him, loving him by speaking his love language, serving him, caring for him, raising our kids to respect him, not criticizing him, praying for him and praying for myself to be the woman, wife and mother that God intended me to be. 

Of course we are human and will fail from time to time but I believe our marriages will benefit greatly when we start focusing on honoring each other and realizing we are on the same team. 

Learn to out love and out give each other! 

How do you honor your husband?


Starla J

Godly Principles for Marriage

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15 thoughts on “Godly Principles for Marriage”

  1. What a great post! And I am learning new ways to honor my husband too. I honor my husband by not talking him down with the kids and to make sure his needs are met. And feed him once in a while. 😉

  2. Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I so enjoy your site… you're insights into marriage and facing trials with prayer and confidence have really spoken to me so I thank you for sharing. 🙂

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my own site, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring in content @ Pressing In and Pressing On! Have a great day and don't forget to check out your nomination below and let me know if you accept!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with the woman that doesn't criticize her husband or speak ill of him. I always feel like something is wrong when I talk to someone that can't seem to say enough bad things about her husband. I want to say, "you married him, didn't you?"

  4. I love all of these! I try to honor my husband by maintaining my admiration of him. I think we can get too comfortable or familiar and lose the awe in the person we married!

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