My Daughter’s Top 5 Pick for Father Daughter Dates.

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Does your husband take your daughter out on Father/Daughter Dates? 

Most of us have at least a few great childhood memories. Memories that put a big smile on our face and in our heart. One of mine is when my siblings and I would be out in the yard with my dad tossing a Frisbee to each other and the picnics in the park my mom used to take us to. I love those sweet memories. It didn’t matter what our parents financial status was, the house we lived in or the gifts they bought us. Most of us will all agree that it was the time our parents spent with us that mattered the most. The time they spent laughing with us, being silly with us, and the time they spent encouraging us. Every one of those moments made us who we are today. 

Now we’ve grown up and have kids of our own. My husband and I try to take our kids out on date nights as often as we can, depending on our schedule. If my husband takes our daughter out than I get my baby boy. (Ok fine, He is six years old. Not a baby any longer. Let me dream. LOL ) Then vice versa, if he takes our baby boy out then I get our princess for the evening. 

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We have daily family time in the evenings where we eat dinner together, talk about our day, play a game or watch a movie. Plus we try to have family devotion and pray time every night before bed time, as well. We love our family time together. However, when we get the chance, we want our kids to have that one on one time with each of us. 

With Father’s Day coming up next month I wanted to get some ideas out there of Father Daughter dates for you. Special one on one time for daddy and his kiddos. 

I asked our little princess what was her top 5 favorite daddy daughter date nights and this was her response. 

#1 Walking the Mall. My daughter does not take after me in her need to shop, aka walk the mall. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a little shopping now and then, but she could go at it for hours. When she was three years old, instead of wanting to go look at toys, she asked to go look at shoes. Yes, true story. My daughter enjoys walking the mall with her daddy because it gives them time to be silly, eat ice cream and just talk. Now most men do not enjoy shopping and that goes for my husband as well, but he will talk her for a once around the mall and grab an ice cream while they are there. Just to make her happy. 

#2 Going to the Movies. She loves going to the movies. She is already counting down the days till the new Jurassic Park movie comes out. Hanging out with her dad, eating a large bowl of pop corn and watching a movie is her idea of a great time with dad. 

#3 Just playing outside. She is completely content being outside all day long. She loves the outdoors. So when daddy grabs a ball and starts tossing it around with her or pushes her on the tire swing or has a water gun fight with her she is on cloud 9. Perfectly happy.

#4 Going Fishing. My husband loves fishing and has passed this love down to our daughter. Just being together talking, enjoying the outdoors and trying to catch a few fish is fun for our little princess. Last time we went fishing she caught 4 little fish. That’s huge to her. 

#5 Go to an Arcade. Nothing says fun to her more like being silly, playing some arcade games and eating a slice of pizza. She tries to collect all the tickets she can earn and enjoys using those tickets to purchase cheap little toys that she’ll set on her bookshelf as memories of her date with daddy. 

We feel it important to have these special one on one moments as well as family time together so that it creates bonding and trust. We pray that God blesses our efforts and we hope that it will keep the door of communication open with our kids as they grow in to the man and woman that God created them to be. 

I’d love to hear about your date nights with your kids or memories you may have of fun times with your parents when your were growing up. Please share in the comments below. 


Starla J.

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8 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Top 5 Pick for Father Daughter Dates.”

  1. Starla, this is wonderful. How blessed she is to have a great dad to do things with. Precious memories and a great reminder to all dad's to spend time with their children.

  2. Great ideas! It's so nice to let her decide. I used to do these dates with my dad too when I was younger. We still go on dates {I'm 30} to dinner. I love that time with him and my husband gets to spend time with our daughter. When she gets older, he can't wait to 'date' her either!

  3. These are great ideas. We have been discussing doing some parent-child dates. But with a 3 & 2 year old, we haven't started yet. Although these will be great once they are a little older.

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