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Scriptures Surrendering to God

We Can Surrender the Risky Things because the Lord is Always Trustworthy.

Inside you’ll find Scriptures Surrendering to God. Our days are full of moments that we catalog in the record book of our hearts for later, for the tomorrows and soon-to-be in the memory of our living.  The living is tattooed here in this place of our remembering and we visit it often, sometimes we settle …

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Just Trust

I have trust issues. That’s pertinent information because when I tell you I’ve lived an international, nomadic life for over a decade, that I’ve eaten pig snouts and given birth in three different countries, that I’ve adopted a child from a hard place and moved more times than I can count, it sure isn’t because …

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A Time to Trust

The high school cap and gown had barely been hung back in the closet when we stood there – the three of us – in the massive lobby of the university campus building. He had worked hard for this. It was Freshman Orientation Day. I was so proud of him and excited about us spending the …

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Trusting through the Tears

For we walk by faith, not by sight. -2 Corinthians 5:7 (NJKV)  We just received the news. It’s not good. Not on one account but on two. We sit on our couch and offer words of encouragement to one another. “God will provide.” “We’ll be okay.” “We can make this work.” “Things will change, but we’ll be stronger in the end.” “God …

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