What Makes a Good Wife?

Can I be a good wife? What makes a good wife? Everyone seems to have a different answer for this question, depending on their background and beliefs. But as Christian women, if we are not careful, we may find ourselves negatively influenced in our roles. […]

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Sister, I Need You.

I’m looking up bible verses on friendship, as I’m preparing for a Secret Sister reveal luncheon, I’ve been thinking on the importance of having closer friendships. I didn’t set out to write an article about friendship, but …. We all have friendships. Whether from family […]

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Stop Comparing Your Life to Others

How to stop comparing yourself with others. Why is it easy to get caught up in comparing our life, marriage, kids, home, car, finances and just about everything to others?  How to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others I would like to think that this isn’t […]

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