Uniformity or Unity?

 Isn’t it amazing to think that you and I are in the last days? God didn’t ask Abraham or Moses to be here.Not John the Baptist or Paul. But you and I. We’re the generation that is called “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). I by no means want to undermine the importance of sound doctrine. …

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Seeking God in Marriage

Living in the 21st century as a married couple hasn’t been easy. There are countless temptation both online and offline. Everything around us is all hyper sexualized by the media and it makes it extremely easy to stray. Staying faithful to ones spouse is an ongoing challenge which one faces.  Lust and perceived expected happiness may …

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A Time to Trust

The high school cap and gown had barely been hung back in the closet when we stood there – the three of us – in the massive lobby of the university campus building. He had worked hard for this. It was Freshman Orientation Day. I was so proud of him and excited about us spending the …

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