Positive Thinking

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For a year now, I’ve been trying to remind myself of some positive things about every day or situation. Life is so hard sometimes. The enemy is so quick to bog us down with the negative things of life. We must be careful what we allow our mind to dwell on.  The bible tells us to think on good things; Philippians 4:8. So here are a few things I’m thankful for today. 

#1 I have friends and family I can rely on.
#2 I love seeing the moment when my kids are learning something new and they get it. Like a light bulb turning on.
#3. The weather is starting to get cooler now. Pumpkin everything is coming out. yay! 

What are 3 positive things you are remembering about today?

Let’s keep this positive thinking ball rolling! Share with your friends. 

Beyond Blessed, 

Starla J

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