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Who is in Control?

Not I. Sometimes, to be completely honest, I wish I was. Proverbs 19:21I can get full of myself and act like I’m in control. It usually comes crashing down in a comical fail, like tripping over air. I feel the need to make sure I’m protected and have everything under control in my world so I …

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Iron Sharpens Iron

Derivative of original by olavXO used with CC.  Do you have that one friend that loves you where you are? No matter the mess you are in?Someone you can call in your happy moments and share in those painful moments? Someone who encourages you and prays with you? Someone who gives you godly counsel and not worldly instruction? Someone who you can trust that …

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He prays for me.

He prays for me! His heart is moved for me. He loves me. He has great things in store for me. My heart can trust in Him.  The more I discover who Jesus is, the more I get to know Him. I find him to be better than ever before. He gets sweeter. Are there hard days? You bet! My heart …

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