Setting Goals

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Do you set New Year Goals? 

Looking up at the sky, searching through the cotton candy clouds, as if I’d see God. I’m frustrated. I’ve failed. Not goals met.  I sigh, sinking down into myself. “Lord, please help me!” I sulked.

My resolutions and goals sat broken on the floor of my life. 

*Weight loss, nope.
*Finish writing devotional, nope
*Double my Virtual Assistant clients, nope

And I know I’m not alone in my struggle. All those who struggle with achieving your goals please raise your hand or coffee cup!

**This is me raising my coffee cup**

According to THIS study, the top 3 New Years Resolutions are…

#1 Weight Loss
#2 Get Organized
#3 Spend Less, Save More

Yet, they say that only 8% of us are actually successful in achieving those goals. Only 8%! Wow!

I needed a better plan!! 

As I sought God and dove into His Word this morning, I found a verse I want to share with you, my friends.

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5 

I failed to achieve my goals because of two reasons….

#1 I was not diligent. I didn’t create nor did I purchased any strong structure or plan to help me with the goals I felt God place on my heart. 

Solution: I didn’t have to become one of the MANY that failed. If I didn’t know how to get un-stuck, I could have reached out for help to overcome.

#2 I relied solely on my own will or self diligence to see me through. Real change happens on purpose and with God’s help.

Solution: I can do this. There is HOPE! God will strengthen me as I lean on Him and seek His help! 

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13


Can I overcome? Absolutely! And so can you!

Let’s link arms and be part of the 8% that follow through and achieve their God given goals!!


Setting godly goals that will propel you to success. Goal setting tips. Achieve your goals.

I want to be intentional about my spiritual growth in 2018, my health, getting organized, writing my book and growing my business. 

Proverbs 13:16, TLB. “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t and even brags about it!”

God does encourage us to set goals and plan ahead, as long as we keep Him and His will for our lives the center of these plans. 

Which is why I’m excited about Grace Goals, a series of 5 workshops that walk us through the process of setting goals from a biblical perspective.

My friend, fellow blogger and sister in Christ, Arabah Joy, created Grace Goals. She not just created it, but lived it. Grace Goals has helped her accomplish so much including changing her family’s eating to real food, trained for a marathon, launched an online course for bloggers and completed several writing projects. 

She succeeded, because she sought after God, used Him to help guide her and keep her on track through Grace Goals

Best of all , the grunt work is done for us! This 48-paged PDF will walk us through the entire process. I love it when the guess work is taken out of things, don’t you?

What is included with Grace Goals?

This year we have three different packages to choose from. All items are digital in nature and you will not receive anything in the mail.

1. The basic version includes the 48 page PDF ($15);

2. The ADVANCE version is just the online videos ($29) Please note the videos will release the week of December 26, 2017;

3. The ALL ACCESS version includes the PDF + videos + The One Hour Time Management Toolkit PDF+ The Grace Goal Planner PDF ($39).  

All packages include access to the private Facebook group for Grace Goals participants.

Setting godly goals that will propel you to success. Goal setting tips. Achieve your goals.

Will you join me in 2018 with using Grace Goals? It’s always more fun with a friend! 

Weather you purchase Grace Goals or not, please comment below with what your goals are for 2018. I want to cheer you on! 



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7 thoughts on “Setting Goals”

  1. I love hearing about women focusing on God when they are setting goals! That was one of the biggest factors that helped me to succeed more often (I totally attribute my 100-pound weight loss to God!). In 2017, I want to learn how to play piano better, grow my online business/ministry, and I want to run a 5k in under 30 minutes! Good luck with your goals this coming year! You've got this.

  2. Starla, I wanted to pop in and apologize to you. You generously stopped my blog and left a comment. However, for some reason, I didn't receive an email notification for it and didn't realize it was there. I responded today. I wanted to thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I deeply appreciate it. I wish you and your family a very blessed CHRISTmas! 😀

  3. Great post, Starla! You are always so inspiring.

    My biggest goal for 2017 is to find a way to help other young Christian mothers build a community. I'm personally struggling with this right now, and I know that there are many other mothers who just can't find a way to connect with others. It's a very big goal, which is why I'm taking February off from blogging. (Also, if anybody reads this, I need guest bloggers for February's theme "Living out Love" so I can actually take February off.)

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