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The Fast-Food Version of the Bible: Christian Memes

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Quality Time with God, Bible study for women, Creative ways to spend time with God, Prayer journal, scripture writing
Spending Quality Time with God
Rushing, frantic really, late for dropping the kids off at daycare.  Fighting traffic. Finally making it to work. Purse, keys, cup of her favorite coffee and briefcase loaded in her arms. Rummaging through her belongings, trying to find her ID card so she can clock in. She barely makes it with 5 seconds to spare. Clocking in, hands full, thoughts and heart overwhelmed.  
Trying to gather her thoughts before she really puts herself into a productive mode, she reaches for her smartphone. 
Her social media newsfeeds are loaded with all her favorite Christian authors, speakers, and bloggers. She enjoys all the encouraging scripture verses they share every day. Scrolling through, she finds one or two that she can relate to or that is “needed” for today. Logging out, switching her phone to vibrate, she works hard to conquer her day. 
Finishing her shift, fighting traffic, picking the kids up at school, rushing home to make dinner and then off to the kid’s soccer games. Never stopping. No quiet time to pray and read the bible for herself. Her overwhelmed schedule just won’t allow it. 
This will never replace reading and studying God’s Word for yourself. 
It will not replace you praying, baring your soul, to God. 
I’m concerned this may be a big problem in today’s fast-paced, modern Christian society. It simply will not cut it anymore, not sure it ever really did. This fast food version of the Bible and quiet time with God. Rushing about, not really knowing where time is going, but fully understanding that you simply do not have the time to sit at the feet of Jesus.
Your heart yearns for something more between you and God.


Making Time For God

Hear my heart dear sister’s in Christ.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter nor Pinterest. They will not replace your Bible. The 5-second glimpse of a bible verse in your newsfeed with its fancy font over a background of some wanderer trailing through a field. Will not give you what you need to get you through the day.
You only get these things by being intentional about your quiet time with the Lord and living a life approved by Him. It is a priority above all priorities in a mature Christian’s life.
Living a life approved by our Heavenly Father includes quiet time with Him. In quiet time you are just that, quiet. You are reading and studying His word. Going before Him with humbleness, contrite spirit and trembling at His Word. Praying, baring your soul, to God. Allowing Him, through this time, to renew your thoughts, spirit, and soul.
Going before the Him broken, struggling with your flesh, and leaving Him renewed and restored. Strengthened to face another day. It’s a beautiful exchange that can only take place by sitting at His feet. Not by the fast food bible of social media.
Not that these images, meme’s, are wrong in and of themselves, I too enjoy and create these images. It can be a nice mental break or pick me up on your lunch break while perusing social media, but they must not be our only source of God and His word on any given day. They must not!!

God is calling us deeper, much deeper.

Quality Time With God

“Has not my hand made all these things and so they came into being?” declares the Lord. These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” Isaiah 66:2 NIV


Will you join me, sister’s, in going deeper? Being intentional about your relationship, bible reading and quiet time with God. Setting aside time for just you and your audience of One. Seeking Him. Kneeling before Him with humbleness, a contrite heart and trembling at His word?

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The importance of spending quality time with God, Time with God, spending time with God, prayer life, scripture writing

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10 thoughts on “The Fast-Food Version of the Bible: Christian Memes”

  1. I wonder if people being exposed only to fast food Bible time don't know there is anything better. If more people wrote interesting pieces on Bible study, I think more people would pick up their Bible and read for themselves. Well that's why I write and that's what I hope.

  2. 'minds me of what they always say in McDonald's – "you want fries with that?" But sadly, too many people depend on the milk of the Word of God and NOT the meat 🙁

  3. I'm with you Starla. As much as I'd like to think I read enough, I know in my heart it could be more…so much more. Thank you for this reminder that He comes first, before work, before blogging, before family…He comes first.

  4. So true Starla! We want a hurry up and bless me so I can go about my business, but if our own children did that, we'd be heartbroken. Thanks for the reminder to come, sit and stay a while.


  5. Yes, yes, yes! Such important truths here. Pretty memes can be encouraging, but if they're all we nourish ourselves on we're left with a "cheerleader Jesus" and miss out on learning the height and breadth of His holiness and majesty!

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