Trusting God in the Darkness

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Times of Darkness.

We all go through those times. Times when we can’t see one step in front of the other. Times when there are only echoes in our prayers. Times when we can’t see the tunnel, let alone a light at the end. Times when our hearts are cold, and aching for a touch from the Master’s hand. Times of darkness and silence.
How are we supposed to carry on during those times? Oh sure, if they only last for a couple of days, it’s not so hard to continue to trust in God. We even might begin to feel a little bit of spiritual pride, that WE haven’t lost faith. But how do we trust God when those dry and dark times go on and on and on?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 13:8
·     We continue to walk as He taught us to walk.
·     We continue to walk as He walked.
·     We continue to follow in the character and nature of God.
·     We continue to remember who He is and what He called us to.
·     We continue to remember what He has done.
·     We continue to remind ourselves of His faithfulness and love.
·     We continue to walk by faith, not by sight.
These can seem like empty platitudes when we are in the middle of a spiritual crisis. But look at the way God dealt with the Israelites. He always gave them reminders or testimonials. They set up altars when the Lord did a mighty work at a certain place and they named it according to what He did. He even gave them an entire week long festival to remember the Exodus.
This is something that we neglect in our lives today.

Setting the testimonials.

When you come bring the cloak which I left at Troas…
Make every effort to come before winter. 2 Tim 4:13, 21
Years ago I heard a teaching by Chuck Swindoll. As a young man he pastored at a church in New England (I attended that same church decades later) and he shared about his first fall there. It was late September and the weather turned warm and gorgeous. He would lie out in his lounge chair in the backyard only to watch his neighbors putting up their storm windows and putting away all of their summer gear. He thought it very strange until the following week when the temperatures dropped into the low 40s.
As he was outside in the frigid temperatures doing what his neighbors had all already done (and they enjoyed the comfort of their heated living rooms), he remembered something Paul said in 2 Timothy 4. “Come before winter,” with a request for them to bring his cloak.
Those New Englanders could read the signs of the weather and knew that the beautiful warmth of Indian Summer was a sign to prepare for the winter that was coming. Paul knew that he was going to need his cloak for the winter that was coming, so he asked them to come before that and bring his cloak.
Do we know how to read the spiritual signs of our lives and how to prepare for those cold and dark spiritual days, weeks and months?
·        Are we quick to establish those reminders of God’s faithfulness?
·        Do we tell the stories of His mercies to our children?
·        Are we even seeing the grace & provision every day?
How can we set the testimonials to carry us through those dark days if we are not remembering them during the good times?

I remember when…

… for we walk by faith, not by sight… 2 Cor 5:7
Are you in a time of spiritual excitement, hearing from God through the Word, stepping into His presence with joy and refreshment every day? HOORAY! But don’t just bask in the sweetness, set an altar to His goodness! Make some sort of physical marker or reminder of an act that He did and give it a name. Declare it to your children and give thanks for God’s faithfulness.
Are you in a spiritual desert or tunnel, with cold and dark surrounding you (yes the Antarctic tundra is a desert)? Find those markers and declare His goodness and mercy! Speak reminders to your heart and mind that God does not fail us. Listen to the truth of His promises and let those truths dispel doubt and fear. Begin to choose to trust in who He is, rather than in what you are seeing.
Trusting God in the darkness means we cannot trust in our circumstances, thinking what is happening is all there is. We must look to the past and remember who He is, what He has promised, how He has always provided and that He never changes. Let our past remind us to look to the future with hope. Hope in who He is.
Bio Kate Megill:

Kate is a wife and homeschool mom of 8 children. She has been mentoring women for over three decades with a passion for older women teaching younger women. She is passionate about her marriage, her 8 children, whom she’s homeschooled and teaching other women. Most of all, Kate is passionate about God. He’s been her strength, rock, delight and joy for almost 4 decades. You can read more by Kate Megill at her blog Teaching What Is Good

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  1. I have walked through that Arctic Tundra – for 3+ years! And, yes, the truth remains – the only way I got through was holding fast to Him.

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