Running from God

What is Your Nineveh?

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Running from God. Maybe your name isn’t Jonah, but God told you to do something and you don’t want to. You told Him someone else would do it better. Someone else is better equipped and has the necessary skills. Pretty much anyone – but you could do this, but God won’t let it go.

Imagine if Jonah had gone to Nineveh when God first called. If that had happened, Jonah would not have put his life and the lives of the sailors in jeopardy. They would have been safe and Jonah would have given the people of Nineveh more time to repent. Jonah would have seen God work and had his faith strengthened.
Yes, the situation turned out fine in the end, but it didn’t have to. God could have struck Jonah down on the spot for disobeying. He could have allowed the stormy sea to take Jonah’s life. Instead, God had compassion for Jonah and had a whale swallow him. Sometimes God does that for us.
We go our own way, and He sends something to cover us. We make a mistake and God fixes it for us. Other times, He gives us another chance to do the right thing.
There are always going to be consequences when we don’t obey, like being stuck in the belly of a whale for 3 days. (That must have smelled wonderful.) Jonah could have avoided that experience if he had just done what God asked. When we don’t do what God wants us to right away, God has to get our attention.
Running from God
There have been many times in my life I have balked when God asked something big of me. I never feel ready for what it will require of me. However, when I do it right then, God rewards me. When I say yes, I find that God helps me grow into the task. Several years ago, I helped start a prayer team at my church.
Even though I grew up in church, the whole idea of praying out loud always scared me. How was I going to lead prayer meetings twice a month? God worked it out and helped me move past that fear into something much better.
Even though I surrendered to God’s will in praying out loud, I still don’t understand why God asks me to do things that I don’t feel competent at.
A few months ago, I was asked if I will be a financial coach. I laughed, as if it was a joke. It wasn’t a joke. Me? Help people with money? What I am learning is that God wants my willingness more than my natural talents. All I have to do is say yes, and God will work things out.
When Jonah was finally willing to go to Nineveh, all he had to do was give them a message from God. He didn’t have to do a dance for them, fight them, or anything that required skill. He was God’s spokesman. That’s it. As Jesus said in Luke 11:28, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”
Are you willing to be obedient to God’s calling? Are you ready to say yes to God and help in the way you are needed?
Our author today is…Sarah Donegan is a wife, mom, and lover of Jesus. She grew up a tea drinker but switched to coffee once kids came along. Now that her girls are in school, she is embracing the plans God has for her instead of trying to force her own that just don’t fit right. When she isn’t singing or reading, she is probably writing. You can find her at her Blog and Facebook.

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