5 Tips on How to Raise a Godly Son.

You have a son? I have a son too! Here are 5 tips on raising a Godly Son. My first born is a girl and I quickly have learned that my daughter and son are complete opposites. For example, my daughter likes clean things, is more quiet, shy […]

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God Has Not Forgotten Your Name

Most parents start early on teaching their kids to write their names. I remember doing exactly that as soon as my kids could hold a crayon. I would lovingly sit beside them and write each letter of their names on a paper and explain every […]

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Teach Your Children How to Pray.

Teaching your children how to pray is a priority for every christian parent. As I tuck my kids in every night, I pray for them. I pray out loud so they can hear me. I hope as they hear my spoken words, that they will […]

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