Powerful Prayer For Healing

powerful prayer for healing, teddybear with bandage on head

If you are looking for a powerful prayer for healing, these are the prayers you will want to use. There are times when we feel so helpless, so weak and vulnerable, as if we have no control over our lives. We feel overwhelmed with grief and stress. We are hurt, perhaps by those we love,… Continue Reading Powerful Prayer For Healing

Morning Bible Verses

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Are you looking for a list of morning Bible verses? No matter what time you start your day, it’s always best to start your day with God. Having a bible verse or two on your nightstand, bathroom mirror or by your coffee maker will help get your morning started on the right foot. I keep… Continue Reading Morning Bible Verses

30 Names of Jesus Study

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Are you looking for a list of the names of Jesus? The Bible is filled with many references to who Jesus is, His life, His role as God and man, and what He came to do. Let’s take the next 30 days to look over these names of Jesus together. (click the image at the bottom for… Continue Reading 30 Names of Jesus Study

Thankful Verses Printable List

Thankful verses list

Thankful verses. Do you need an attitude adjustment? Looking for a list of Bible Verses on Thankfulness? I believe at the core happiness is having a thankful mindset and way of living. And cultivating a heart of gratitude can help adjust our bad attitudes. As with all of life’s ups and downs, we can oftentimes be… Continue Reading Thankful Verses Printable List

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