Encourage Yourself in the Lord

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Privacy Policy/Disclosure Policy for more information. Does your heart hunger for genuine encouragement? Do you know what is the best way to encourage yourself in the Lord?  Has it been one of those weeks?  Where everyday […]

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Praying For Those Who Hurt Us

How to forgive someone who has hurt you. Pray! this post may contain affiliate links. view our disclosure policy here I exposed a sin, reluctantly, that had been going off and on for years. It was destroying my marriage and I was sick of it. The other […]

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Does God Listen to My Prayers

  Does God listen to every prayer? Does God listen to my prayers? There’s been times when I didn’t feel like He was listening. I didn’t feel anything, but the suffocating noise of my broken heart.  But, as I moved closer to God, refusing to listen to […]

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