Morning Bible Verses

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Are you looking for a list of morning Bible verses? No matter what time you start your day, it’s always best to start your day with God. Having a bible verse or two on your nightstand, bathroom mirror or by your coffee maker will help get your morning started on the right foot. I keep… Continue Reading Morning Bible Verses

Praying the Promises of God

Praying the Promises of God, Bible and coffee mug

Why should we be praying the promises of God over our lives? Every one of us will face grief, heartbreak, and hard seasons in life. We must look to God and His word for guidance, help, and healing. Praying the Promises of God will help you get through the hard days. But how? How Do… Continue Reading Praying the Promises of God

Encourage Yourself in the Lord

Encourage Yourself Lord bible quote

Does your heart hunger for genuine encouragement? Do you know what is the best way to encourage yourself in the Lord?  Has it been one of those weeks?  Where everyday seems to add to the overwhelmed feeling that has been a constant companion in your life for a long time?  I’ve been there. The heaviness.… Continue Reading Encourage Yourself in the Lord

Praying For Those Who Hurt Us

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How to forgive someone who has hurt you. Pray! this post may contain affiliate links. view our disclosure policy here I exposed a sin, reluctantly, that had been going off and on for years. It was destroying my marriage and I was sick of it. The other person involved (a christian for years) was so irate and… Continue Reading Praying For Those Who Hurt Us

Does God Listen to My Prayers

Does God Listen to My Prayers, woman holding bible in field

  Does God listen to every prayer? Does God listen to my prayers? There’s been times when I didn’t feel like He was listening. I didn’t feel anything, but the suffocating noise of my broken heart.  But, as I moved closer to God, refusing to listen to the enemy, I learned God was always with me. I… Continue Reading Does God Listen to My Prayers

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