Praying for Your Pastor's Wife

Praying For Your Pastor’s Wife

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Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Month is every year in March. Of course, you don’t have wait till March rolls around to intentionally pray for your pastor and his wife, but having a month set aside to purposely pray for and encourage the pastor’s wife is such a beautiful thing. Below you’ll find ideas for praying for your pastor’s wife.

Praying For Your Pastor’s Wife

There is little doubt that the role of pastor’s wife is one of the most difficult positions on the planet. They are usually the unsung hero. It can be lonely, heartbreaking, confusing, frustrating, and downright discouraging at times.

Don’t buy the lie that your prayer doesn’t do much. Your prayers matter. Your prayers are wanted. Your prayers are needed. Your pastor’s wife wants and needs your prayers!

Elisabeth Elliot said it well,

Prayer isn’t a sport. It’s work. Prayer is work because a Christian simply can’t “make a living” without it. The apostle Paul said we “wrestle” in prayer. In the wrestling of a Christian in prayer, “our fight is not against any physical enemy; it is against organizations and powers that are spiritual. We are up against the unseen powers that control this dark world, and spiritual agents from the very headquarters of evil.” (Ephesians 6:12)

As pastors’ wives, there are many things you know, hear, see, and feel about the kingdom work your husbands are giving themselves to with all their heart and soul.

Sisters, we should be praying—and because prayer takes hard work, we need to make it a priority. – 9Marks

How To Pray For My Pastor’s Wife

Why are so many pastors’ wives under spiritual attack? Because the enemy knows how crucial her job is. If he can cause distraction, bitterness, disappointment, or discouragement in her life, it could affect the whole church. So what can we do to help? What does our pastor’s wife need to hear from us today?

Your pastor’s wife needs to know you are praying for her!

We often remember to pray for the pastor and the leaders of the church. But do we always remember to include the pastor’s wife in those prayers? Most of her job is behind the scenes. She usually isn’t front and center. As a result, you may forget about all the hard work she does for the church and for you. 

Let’s pray for the pastor’s wife today, and then tell her about it. Praying blocks the enemy’s schemes.  And knowing she has your prayer support will uplift her spirits, giving her strength to do the job she is called to do.

These godly women pray, sacrifice, and serve silently behind the scenes with little praise or recognition. A man who shepherds a congregation carries a great weight, a burden that pastor’s wives often share.

Pastor’s wives serve their churches in all sorts of ways:

  • Pastor’s wives pray intentionally and fervently for the church and its growth in Christian maturity.
  • Pastor’s wives manage the responsibilities of the home and children, freeing up their husband’s time for the non-stop nature of pastoral ministry.
  • Pastor’s wives listen and counsel their weary husbands, bearing the burden of the frustration of criticism.
  • Pastor’s wives often times help with the lady’s ministries of the church, discipling and training the women of the church.
  • Pastor’s wives help serve in various capacities according to their calling, gifts – from teaching, serving, counseling, and singing.

How To Show Appreciation To Your Pastor’s Wife

Pastor’s Wife Appreciation month is a time set aside for us to recognize, love on, encourage, appreciate and intentionally pray for the wife of your pastor. Here are just a few ways to honor your pastor’s wife:

  • Be grateful for them, we all like to be appreciated.
  • Be loyal, they need you.
  • Be encouraging, they hear so much negativity already.
  • Don’t treat her as a free staff member. That is an unrealistic expectation that she will be at and serve in every event, ministry and capacity.
  • Give the pastor’s wife freedom to serve as she feels led to serve.
  • Feed them, they like food!
  • Treat them like a real person, they are human just like everyone else.
  • Pray for them, they need and covet our prayers!
  • Stop criticizing, they are truly doing the best they can and sacrifice more than you realize.
  • Love them, laugh with them.
  • Offer to babysit her kids.
  • Pay for her to get her hair done or to get a manicure.
  • Pay for her and the pastor to go out on a date.
  • Stop complaining!
  • Give her a gift card.
  • Always remember she is human!!

What Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You To Know

You might be surprised to know that your pastor’s wife is much like you. She is not a celebrity or a super-Christian, but like you, she desires to be a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That means her God-given priority is to minister to her husband and the children God has given her. That is a big job, as all the other women in the church understand. Like them, she is called to build her house (Proverbs 14:1) and to provide a joyful oasis for her family. Hers is not the special calling of the pastor’s wife, but of all Christian wives.

The minister’s wife is not a church officer, but rather, as a congregant, she desires to serve the church as a faithful member, alongside the other women in the church.

This means she wants to participate in, but not necessarily organize the church’s social events. She rejoices to see other women using their gifts and skills to build up the body because this is the sign of a healthy church body. – Desiring God

What Month Is Pastor Appreciation Month?

Pastor Appreciation month falls on October of every year, while Pastor’s Wife Appreciation month is in March of every year.

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How do you love on and show appreciation towards your pastor’s wife? Leave a comment and let us know!

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