How to Find Peace in the Midst of Moving

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The importance of your quiet time with God when moving.

We moved. Not just down the street or the next town over, not even to another state, but we moved out of the country. 

We moved to Mexico!!  

It has been about a month an a half now – in this new country that we now call home. Mexico!

It’s beautiful here. I love the hillside view from the top of my mother-in-laws home. Downtown has it’s charming streets filled with people selling their homemade goods. Vibrant colored homes glitter the hillsides. The architecture is amazing and I particularly love the old large wooden doors. 

Although it has been stressful, our family is thriving. 

The kiddos get to play with their cousins and the neighbor kids everyday. Back in the states, we lived in a neighborhood with no kids. I don’t even need to express to you how much fun they have and how happy they are to get to run and play every afternoon with around 8 to 10 other kids. 

My husband and I worked out a family schedule that includes, but not limited to homeschooling, alone time with God and with each other. It seems to work most days. We will tweak this as we go, making changes where needed. 

In the evenings you may, often times, find us playing in the streets with all the kids. Volleyball, our own street version of it, is my favorite playtime with the family. 

I enjoy getting to know the community. Talking with the family and neighbors helps my Spanish, as I’m not even close to being fluent yet. The neighbors walk past our door a couple of times a day and I get the opportunity to greet them with my broken Spanish and a smile.

My heart swoons as I get to witness my husband encourage old friends, family and even the local kids in Christ. 

Several times now we have got a bible story together, gathered the local kiddos and right there in the narrow street by our apartment, we share God’s word. 

I get to witness my husband reading the Bible to his grandmother. She is in her 90’s and still, inch by inch, walks the narrow street right outside our apartment door and faithfully attends Mass every Wednesday evening. 

What about me you ask? I’ve made a friend too! Since there is a major language barrier I use Google translate a lot, but I am learning. She introduced me to hand embroidery. I’ve been working on the same flower for almost a week, but this time consuming craft is becoming a favorite hobby of mine.

I won’t pretend with you. This move has been stressful. 

Our apartment is super tiny and I hate to admit this, but it’s been hard for me not having my own space. 

I’ve cried ugly tears, on more than one occasion, as I have swept/mopped the kitchen floor because water has overflowed from the washing machine and poured into the alleyway. The water, in the community, only runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So that water is precious to us. 

I’ve been stressed and frustrated the week we had to take the hour and a half long bus ride back and forth to the immigration office. All the employees are courteous and helpful, however, you cannot call to get information, but must arrive in person to seek answers or help. (Please be in prayer with me as I’m still waiting for them to approve my residency application.)

I’ve burst into lonely tears that time my dad sent me a pic of him and my mom on Facebook.

I miss them most of all. 

Finding Peace In the Midst of a Major Move

How do you cool the hot tears that threaten to stain your cheeks or how do you surrender the heart ache and soothe it with peace and joy?

God First

Forcing my schedule to stop in the midst of a crazy, stressful day to make time to rest and refill in the Word of God and prayer. 

If I do not allow this happen, I most certainly can feel it. I am more stressed, frustrated and grumpy. And most definitely not being the “light” that I am called to be. 

Making Time with God a Priority


How do you make time with God a priority

1. Make a daily schedule

I love my planner. It helps me keep on track of my daily schedule. Of course, in life we must leave room for flexibility, but keeping a daily schedule has tremendously helped my life and quiet time with God. 

2. Be intentional about your quiet time with God. 

You know what works for you. Does having a quiet space help? Soft music? Do you like starting off by reading or listening to a devotion?  Make this happen.

3. Rest

Sounds too simple to be true, but we all must learn to make our hearts and minds stop and REST in God. Taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and while releasing that breath – leave at Jesus’ feet all that weighs heavy on your heart. Learn to stay at the feet of Jesus, expanding your faith while resting in Him. 

 On our craziest day we tend to let the time slip by and ignore that gentle touch from our Heavenly Father. He often times will remind us that He is waiting and looking forward to the quiet time you spend with Him. 

I challenge you, my friends, and myself – Make time for God. 

He is the only way to find peace in the midst of moving. 

Jesus is the only way to find peace in this life! 

Please tell me, how do you find time for God when your life is chaotic?

Much Love, 

Starla J.

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11 thoughts on “How to Find Peace in the Midst of Moving”

  1. This is so good, Starla! I'm so thankful for that peace that we can find in God, no matter how stressful life can get. I enjoyed getting to read about your new life in Mexico. I'm praying for you.

  2. Oh, Starla, you're so right, Jesus is the only way to real peace. I pray that you will settle in well and adjust to the changes. In the meantime, I'm encouraged to see how God has been working in everything and calling you close to Him. I love how the kids get to play with other kids, and how you have family time together — these are all such sweet blessings. Prayerfully they will outweigh any annoyances that come up. And as you lean in to Christ, you will find peace. Hugs and prayers. <3
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

  3. I realize it isn't Mexico, but when I moved to Maryland after my beloved Indiana it might as well been moving from Mexico. I longed for the familiar. However, like you God is doing a work in my life that He could have never done if I were still in Indiana. I'm like Paul and learning to be content and allowing God to do His work in me. I will be praying for you and your family. Blessings to you!

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