Bible Verses for Girls

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Inside: Bible Verses for Girls. Is it hard to be a girl in today’s culture? Perhaps. With being a teen or tween, secular expectations on what to look like, what to wear, what to value and the rush to grow up is overwhelming.

As a girl, tween or teen, living in a secular society, trying to find a healthy balance in finding out who Christ is and who you are in Christ can be challenging. 

I’m a mom of a teen girl. Princess. That’s the nickname we gave her when she was a toddler. 

My greatest heart’s desire is to teach her to stand. To know Who her Rock is in life. As the earth shakes under her feet. As the storms rage around her. I want to give her the tools, resources, and love she needs to understand – firmly and securely – her identity in Christ. 

There isn’t a magical list of things to do or not do that guarantees your girl will deeply run after Christ with all her heart. As parents, we pray, sometimes fast, lead by example and then trust God with our babies. 

Bible Verses for Girls

One way, I not only encourage myself in the Lord, but for my daughter as well, is truth journaling or scripture writing. 

There is just something about writing out scripture that helps renew our minds but also instills in our hearts God’s truth in our everyday lives and when hard times come. 

I gave my princess a journaling notebook, colored pencils, stickers and a list of bible verses to get her started. She is old enough to dig into God’s word herself, but for younger girls, I’d keep supplying them with bible verses. 

Here is the list of Bible Verses for Girls that I gave my daughter.

You are all together beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 4:7

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Bible Verses for Girls

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