3 Ways to Know Your Identity in Christ

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Identity in Christ Devotional for Women.

What is my identity in Christ? Feeling like you’re in this dark cave. No light. Something is definitely crawling near you. What’s that sound? Anyone need a flashlight? Here is how I found my identity in Christ while in a cave in Mexico.

I wish I had pics to share, but last year we went hiking in the beautiful hills of Mexico. It’s beautiful really. The lack of greenery allows you to see every valley, dip and turn the hills make.

My Identity in Christ
To make up for my lack of pictures of the cave, please enjoy this collage of yummy Mexican food we ate during our visit.


There used to be a mining team, years and years ago, that dug out caves in the sides of these large hills. They were looking for a very special kind of dirt that, combined with other ingredients, made explosives.

From the mouth of the cave down to the valley there is an old battered rock way. These miners once lead their horses to transport the mined dirt on this hand laid road. Half the rocks are missing now. Not sure how they managed this laborious trip, in and out of this cave, on such a steep and rocky hill side but they did.

These man made caves and trails are long abandoned. What else are you supposed to do when adventure comes beckoning your name? Questioning your ability and sense of identity? You go and face the fear and excitement!

Crawling, belling down, with a million flying insects buzzing around me. Breathing through my nose. Thinking to myself, What on earth am I doing here! EEEKKKKK!! Run. But there’s no place to run when you’re belly crawling in the mouth of a cave.

No one thought I would do it, let alone make it. I saw the sideways glances. The smirks. I heard the chuckles. But I did it. Clenching my lips together so no flying critter flew into my mouth, (I’m serious!) I belly crawled all the way through to where the cave opened up. I did it. Dirt covered, but I did it. (think of me jumping up and down, high fives for everyone!)

But amongst the cheers, that sinking feeling of “I’m not good enough” throbbed in my gut. The smirks and laughs hurt and I was allowing no just the joy of me accomplishing something great to be stolen, but my identity was wrapped up in what these other people thought of me.

I wish I could say that this was a one time thing, my identity held by others, but it’s not. My whole life has been like a wave tossed around by the sea. I also wish I could tell you that right then and there I stood up and told myself that my identity is not negotiable and that the Lord Jesus is the ONLY one who is allowed to say who I am or am not. But it didn’t happen that way.

What did happen was the little hamster wheel in my head started turning and I started the process of finding me and who God has called me to be.

What Is My Identity In Christ


When seeking your identity in Christ, you crack open your Bible and start searching.

Identity in Christ List

#1 Search God’s Word

The Bible is clear on who we are in Christ. Verses, like these listed below, are our true identity. 

  • John 1:12 (I am a child of God)
  • John 15:15 (I am a friend of Jesus)
  • Romans 3:24 (I am redeemed and justified) 
  • Romans 8:17 (I am a fellow heir with Christ)
  • Romans 15:17 (I am accepted by Christ)
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17 (I am a new creature through Christ)
  • Galatians 5:1 (I have been set free)
  • Ephesians 1:7 (I am forgiven through the grace of Christ)
  • Ephesians 2:10 (I am God’s workmanship)
  • Philippians 3:20 (I have citizenship in Heaven through Christ)
  • Colossians 2:10 (I am complete in Christ)
  • Romans 5:8 (I am loved)


#2 Preach to Yourself

Know, that you know, that you know who you are in Christ! The bible verses you just searched for and read, the ones that state, without waver, who you are –  you should be preaching those to your heart and mind till it sinks so deep inside you that no disaster could make you change your mind. Journal them if Bible journaling is your creative outlet. Start a truth journal and write those scriptures out. Whatever it takes. Preach to your heart! 


#3  Guard Your Thoughts and Feelings

Knowing your identity in Christ needs to be guarded like a precious treasure. Do you have something special you’ve tucked away for safe keeping or something covered and sheltered in a glass box on display? Our identity in Christ should be handled the same way. We protect it. Any thought or feeling that comes our way needs to be checked at the door of truth. Click To Tweet Not society’s truth, not your parents truth, not your husband’s truth, but God’s truth. The enemy and even our own flesh will try to bring us down or make us believe something that is not true about ourselves and others. 

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Identity in Christ


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