5 Benefits of Waiting on God

Scriptures about Waiting on the Lord

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Are you looking for scriptures about waiting on the Lord? Waiting on God, in true surrender, doesn’t come naturally to us. Perhaps that’s God’s purpose, the mountain we must climb. There are benefits as we wait on God for direction, the next step in this journey, a healing, that financial break-through, for the family or friend we are praying for.

We want what we want and we want it NOW!

God sits on His throne and tells us to wait. Not now, maybe later. Wait till it’s His timing, wait till He aligns everything up for His good, waiting for us to surrender to Him, waiting for us to let go of that thing that is holding us back. He tells us to wait.

In my post, God Works While We Wait, I shared how God came down as a cloud by day and as a fire by night over the Tabernacle and Tent of Testimony. As long as the cloud and fire hovered overhead they were not permitted to continue on their journey. God had them wait. Whether it was two days, two months or two years, they had to stay encamped, waiting on God. Numbers Chapter 9

What Does It Mean To Wait On The Lord

A simple explanation of Waiting on God – To sit with a contrite heart, allowing God to fill you with His power. It is about waiting expectantly and with hope on the Lord. Being able to wait is trusting God’s character and goodness.

We are not sitting around tapping our foot, arms crossed with nothing to do. We are seeking God fervently, getting lost in Him, sitting at His feet and allowing Him to heal us, prepare us, and prepare the way as He sees fit.

Benefits of Waiting on God

*Waiting on God renews our mind, physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. As we read scriptures about waiting on the Lord such as Romans 12:2 and Isaiah 40:31. We are encouraged to renew our minds daily so that we may know God’s will and that God will renew our strength as we wait in Him.

*Waiting on God helps us to focus on the purpose and direction for our life according to God’s will. It’s important to take time to be still before God, falling deeply into Him, so we confidently know God’s will as we live out our daily lives. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us if we trust God with all our ways than He will direct our paths.

*Waiting on God creates humility. It helps smooth out our rough edges that need to be dealt with. We don’t start out willing to wait. Our human response to waiting is often anger or doubt. However, God is gracious and merciful, understanding of our tendencies. As we wait in the Lord, we have the opportunity to grow into a closer reflection of Christ. Putting aside the stumbling blocks in our lives that hold us back.

We wait in hope for the Lord;
    he is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice,
    for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love be with us, Lord,
    even as we put our hope in you.

Psalm 33:20-22

*Waiting on God can build hope and anticipation. We have hope during the waiting period. The hope that God will use the waiting in Him season for good, that even if we don’t get what we really want we know that God is still good and knows what is best, we have the anticipation of the good testimony that will come out of being still and waiting on God.

*Waiting on God stirs up our passion, desire, and intimacy with Him. The more time we spend getting to know someone, talking to that person, wanting to be with that person will naturally create a deeper love and relationship with them. This is true with our relationship with God. He doesn’t want us to do a quick bible reading and prayer as we rush out the door in the mornings. He wants us to desire to be with Him, to know Him and His will for our lives on a deeper level.

We have the choice, to take a deep breath, release our clenched hands, and let God be God. Choosing to wait on God. And we are invited to continue hoping in His greatness as we wait.

Every day, I want to take time to sit before the Lord either in my scripture writing or prayer journaling time and let Him fill me with His power and strength. When I fail to take that time, I go in my own strength. And I know how going in my own strength usually ends up. Not good! We must see the importance of developing the spiritual discipline of waiting on the Lord.

Scriptures about Waiting on the Lord

Check out this huge list of verses on waiting on God by OpenBible.

Are we like children? We pray to God and expect an answer, immediately. When He does not answer, we say there is no God.

This impatience explains the number of Christians, who go around, daily, seeking for miracles and fast remedies to their solution.about:blank

We forget that the Bible is filled with believers, who waited and held on, in spite of their problems, such as Job, Abraham, Esther, and many more.

Holding to their faith, even when it seemed pointless and useless.

Romans 8:25 – “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

What are you holding on to hope for? How are you waiting on the Lord?

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Scriptures about Waiting on the Lord

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4 thoughts on “Scriptures about Waiting on the Lord”

  1. Thank you for this encouraging post.When I wait for God I live in so much peace but when I fail and think I’m doing what’s right everything falls apart. I pray daily for patience for God’s will. I appreciate you friend you are a blessing.

  2. It does takes some faith and patience to wait. We so easily forget all the preparing God does in the waiting. Paul went and studied for 3 years before he started his ministry. And Jesus waited a out 30 years, yet we see that when He was still young He was “about His Father’s house” He was being prepared for the work God had for Him. When we wait and stay in close relationship with God He is able to prepare us as well. Great post! Many Thanks 8)

  3. Thank you for being intentional and specific about what waiting on God means and entails. Often as believers we use our Christianese sayings without really understanding what they mean. Grateful for your heart to encourage others in their faith! 🙂

  4. I love your teachings on “waiting on the LORD”. I’m preparing a sermon on this subject in the church tomorrow Sunday as I was inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT, and as I was seeking for the detailed meaning of waiting on the LORD in the internet, I came across your blog which is very rich with the ideas on the same subject,and it has helped me a lot in building my sermon.GOD BLESS YOU,and continue that way. I’m a Bible teacher, I like bible study, prayer and fasting as well as taking a solitude as my hobby. I also like tree 🌴 planting especially fruit 🍑 trees as my occupation. THANKS.

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