Valentine's Day date night on the cheap

Valentine’s Day date night on the cheap!

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Date nights! woohoo! I will never turn down a date night with my sweetheart. They come to far and few between for my liking. Add a tight budget to the mix and it makes it even harder.

BUT…if we can do it on the cheap, yippee! Date night here we come! With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to give some suggestions for a Valentine’s Day Date night on the cheap.

Valentine’s Day Date Night On The Cheap

 1. Movie Night. Rent a movie, eat in, cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the night in.

2. Go for a hike/walk. Bundle up. Go for a nice long walk, holding hands, chatting about old times or future dreams and take in the view of God’s earth around you.

3. Game night. Get out the old board games or borrow a few from a friend if you don’t have any. Make some popcorn. Enjoy some fun competition.

4. Indoor picnic. Start the fireplace up, lay a blanket out in the living room, set out your dinner and enjoy a cozy picnic dinner for just the two of you.

5. Couples massages. No need to go to an expensive spa. Give each other a massage. Have fun with it!

6. Dance. Make space in your living room. Turn the music on and dance with each other.

7. Enjoy the sun set and star gazing. Cuddling with each other to stay warm in the cold night air.

8. If you both are creative, make your own valentines to each other. No need spending money on pre-made ones!

9. Cook together. Make your favorite food together. Spending that time talking, playing and laughing. Then enjoy your dinner for two.

10. Play a video game together. Wii sports or Just Dance are fun games!

Take time to enjoy each other! You are each a gift from God to each other. Don’t let a tight budget or the stresses of life get in your way of having a great Valentine’s Day! 
Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas on the Cheap

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15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day date night on the cheap!”

  1. Great reminders. Sometimes it can be hard to think of such simple ideas when you're in the marriage/parenthood trenches! Forgot all about Just Dance and think we'll dig that out soon…thanks!

  2. For Valentine's Day I always try to make a special meal for my husband. We get each other a meaningful card and usually it is a night in. I love these ideas though. We may have to try something new this year!

  3. 2, 5 and 7 are my favs! The massage definitely a good idea! I never really enjoyed of got into Valentine's day until I met my husband – now I'm a total sucker for it, no matter how simply or extravagant. Great ideas 🙂

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