Blessed to Trust in the Lord

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Here you’ll find scriptures to trust God! Do you ever wonder why life doesn’t always work out precisely how you want it to?  Or, maybe something rarely develops exactly as you hoped it would? 

We get this entire picture in our minds of how things should be and when a wrench gets thrown in, we get discouraged and we wonder why God isn’t helping us out.  We begin to doubt Him and His sovereignty.  We start to question if He actually cares about us.  If we get too caught up in these lies, we may miss out on where God is actually working things together on our behalf.

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Scriptures To Trust God

Practice Trust
I think the best way to learn to trust God is when you are actually practicing the trusting.  And that is where our family is right now.  We are in the midst of practicing our trust.  Because we have been through this practicing stage many, many times before, we know to keep reminding ourselves that He has a bigger plan, we remind each other and we have others reminding us of this truth, including our realtor who is not a believer!

We listed our home a couple of months ago.  We tried selling a few years ago, however, it did not sell – it wasn’t God’s timing.   We felt this time would be different for many reasons.  After 3 offers that fell through, the fourth offer has finalized this plan.  When each of those 3 offers fell through, we worked on not feeling discouraged or frustrated.  We purposefully and intentionally trusted God in this.  We still believed that God’s plan for us was to move and we were still getting a lot of showings and interest.

When our fourth offer actually made it to the inspection stage, we felt anxious and nervous.  Our home was built in 1901, so there was likely to be many issues – wiring, foundation, electrical, furnace…the list could go on and on.  And we were right, there were some serious issues.  These issues would be very costly for us to repair – I’m talking tens of thousands! 

This is where it gets very exciting!  You see, the buyers had asked that the move in date be moved to September 1 rather than mid-September.  We had said no because I have a 3-day staff meeting during that time.  But these buyers said they’d waive every single issue found in the inspection IF we give them their requested possession date!  REALLY?!  That’s it?  Our realtor says that he had never heard of such a thing being done!  This truly is nothing short of a miracle!  God had the right people in mind to further His plans; we just had to be patient and not grow frustrated or annoyed.  Other buyers would likely have rescinded their offer, requested that we repair serious issues or renegotiate the purchase price. 

We are still in awe of how God orchestrated this entire sale.   
Scriptures To Trust God

Now to find a new home…here is another place where we are practicing our trust in God.  We did find a home that is perfect for us, in our opinion, anyway.  We put an offer and it was accepted.  BUT, one of the seller’s subjects is that they find a new place first.  And the date on our offer was the same date that was on the original offer of our place, mid-September.  We are trusting that God will work this out as well.    

Right now, our job is to trust.   We will pack our boxes, keep looking at homes, look into other options and continue to trust God; but the rest is up to Him.   
When we are confident that He has everything under control, we then understand that there is only so much we can do ourselves and He has to take care of everything else.  He has the entire situation under control whether it looks good or bad, whether we are frustrated or not.    

Take The Next Step

He will direct your steps, but we still need to take those steps.  We aren’t meant to idly sit by, waiting for God to do everything.  Sometimes we aren’t totally sure about what God wants us to do.  This requires us to step out through our uncertainty and into faith.  Trusting that if what we are doing is God’s will, He will continue to open doors.  If it isn’t, then He will close the doors, as He did when we first tried to sell our home.  But, we must begin taking those steps, even if the light is shining on only the very next step.

Scriptures To Trust God

Build That Trust

It is easier to trust someone when we know they care about us and we spend time with them.  Spending time with our Heavenly Father builds trust, that time builds a strong relationship and we grow confident in His love for us.    

When we are confident in God’s love for us, it is easier to trust Him.

Are you ready to allow Him to prove His faithfulness to you?  He longs to show you.  He desires to WOW you with what He wants to do in your life…if you are ready to begin trusting Him.  

Aimee is a home educating support teacher who lives in the sunny Okanagan, BC.  Aimee has been blissfully married for 17 years and still swoons at the sight of her tall, dark and handsome husband, Marcus.  When she isn’t home educating her 3 kids, she enjoys sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and hanging out with her family.  She blogs over at A Work of Grace.  You can find her on facebook, twitter or Pinterest.

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  1. Thank you so much Starla for hosting this incredible series. It has been such a HUGE blessing to me! There has been some progress to this little story and God's goodness still makes me in awe of Him. I have written a little update on my site if anyone wants to find out a bit more:)
    Thanks again for doing this Starla!!

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