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Dalgona Coffee Recipe with a Coconut Twist

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Have you tried Dalgona Coffee!? Are you a coffee lover? Then you’ll need to try your hand at making Dalgona Coffee! This whipped coffee is a treat and fun to make. I love my morning coffee and bible reading time and this twist on coffee allows for a fun change every once in a while.

I just added Dalgona Coffee to my favorite coffee recipes! Coffee isn’t just a drink to coffee lovers, it’s more like a liquid gold of yumminess that helps us function and get through the day. Coffee is important to us. The smell, the beautiful dark liquid in our mugs – it’s comfort in a cup.

Who can resist the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning!! Coffee and my bible is such a regular part of my mornings and when I saw the latest trend with whipped coffee, Dalgona Coffee, I had to try it!

Who Invented Dalgona Coffee

“On Tuesday, March 10, TikTok creator @iamhannahcho appeared to kick off the trend by sharing a recipe for whipped coffee. While the idea of frothy cream-inspired coffee is nothing new (it’s called “dalgona coffee” in South Korea, and versions of the treat have become mainstays in countries like Pakistan and India as well), it’s taken off on the social media platform due to its short ingredient list and totally ‘Gram-worthy aesthetic.” – elitedaily

What Is Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

Dalgona coffee is essentially equal parts of instant coffee, hot water, and sugar that you whip together till its a creamy foamy goodness of fluff. YUM! You dollop this fluffy goodness on top of a glass of ice milk or flavored cream.

It’s usually made with instant coffee and sugar, but it works just as fine with any granulated low carb sugar substitute such as Erythritol or Monk Fruit.

Do I Need To Use Instant Coffee For Whipped Coffee

“Unfortunately, instant coffee is generally the lowest quality coffee out there, as it’s essentially made of leftovers that are ground and dried. I often use it when cooking and baking as it tends to deepen flavors like chocolate or chilis but I typically wouldn’t make my morning drink with instant coffee. That being said, this Dalgona Coffee is surprisingly good if you think of it as more of a treat than quality artisan drink.

If you’re thinking, “No big deal, I’ll just make it with regular coffee grounds!” just pump the breaks for one second.

Instant coffee provides the foaming agent here.” – Host The Toast

What Does Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee) Taste Like

Given my love for coffee, I had no choice but to see if whipped coffee, Dalgona Coffee, is everything the internet said it would be.

Wow, this is good! It is strong like espresso yet creamy and fluffy like a latte. It has just the right amount of sweetness to offset the coffee’s bitterness without making it too sweet—like drinking coffee-flavored cream.

In fact, I have since made it every day this week. I think it’s safe to say I have officially given this my stamp of approval.

Can I Use A Hand Wisk To Make Dalgona Coffee

Yes you can use a hand wisk to make whipped coffee or Dalgona coffee. Here is a video that shows you how.

How To Make Whipped Coffee (Step By Step Guide)

Gather your ingredients for Dalgona coffee.

Put the instant coffee, water and sugar in a mixing bowl.

Whip the instant coffee, sugar and water till its creamy and frothy.

Fill glass with ice and coconut cream.

Fill the rest of the cup with milk, almond milk, or soy milk or alternate between all three milk options.

how to make whipped coffee

Spoon the whipped coffee on top of the ice milk.

You just made Dalgona Coffee! Enjoy!

Dalgona Coffee with a Coconut Twist

How To Make Dalgona Coffee

Makes 2 Servings


-2 tbsp of instant coffee

-2 tbsp sweeter (low carb substitute try Erythritol or Monk Fruit )

-2 tbsp hot water

-Coffee Mate Coconut Cream (Dairy Free)

-Milk of choice (here you would alternate between all 3 options of Almond, Soy and Dairy milk)

-Ice cubes

-Coconut Shavings


-Whisk together instant coffee, sweetener of choice, and hot water until peaks are formed. (You can use a hand whisk, a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Your choice)

-Fill a glass with ice cubes and top with desired amount of Coconut Cream. If you just want a touch of taste go for a teaspoon, but if you like intense flavors you might want to go with an ounce.

-Top the rest of your cup with your milk of choice.

-Put one to three spoonfuls of the whipped coffee mixture on top.

-Sprinkle top of whipped coffee with coconut shavings.


When you make this Dalgona Coffee recipe please tag me on social media! @coffeewithstarla I’d love to show your picture some love.

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