Encourage Yourself in the Lord

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Does your heart hunger for genuine encouragement? Do you know what is the best way to encourage yourself in the Lord

Has it been one of those weeks?  Where everyday seems to add to the overwhelmed feeling that has been a constant companion in your life for a long time? 

I’ve been there. The heaviness. The tears that come easily. Fighting for the positive attitude to get through the day. 

So how do you encourage yourself when fear, anxiety, depression and insecurity sit by your side unapologetically?


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Encourage Yourself in the Lord

PRAYER and God’s Word!

That’s my secret weapon to fight through the darkness. 

There doesn’t have to be a special strategy. Just make your quiet time with God a priority. 

Life seems to take us by surprise and keep us in a rush. But we must be praying christians that make quiet time with God a priority to survive.  

it’s a must….

to get through the darkness
to get through the hurt
to get through the pain

to be healed from bitterness
to be healed from brokenness

God’s Word and prayer combined is like a dynamite in the hands of a Christian. Want to know how to fight the powers of this dark world? That’s how. With prayer and scripture. EVERYDAY! 

Give God your best time…the best you. Is that in the morning? Or afternoon? Or maybe evenings? 

Choose to make that time, when you are at your best,  your quiet time with the Lord. 

Print off one of my scripture writing plans, grab your bible, notebook, favorite pens and markers and find your quiet spot. Settle in for quality prayer time with God. 

Pray before you start. Ask God to open your heart and mind to what He wants you to know that day. Ask Him to guide you, your feelings and emotions. 

Ask for forgiveness and a repentant heart. I dare say go a step further and ask God for a deeper conviction of things in your life that hurts Him. So you may turn away from them. 

Read your bible. Start in any book you feel lead to read in and everyday continue reading in that book of the Bible till you are done. Then pick a new book and continue. 

Although I 100% believe that God has laid bible verses on my mind to minister to my broken heart, but I also believe that in your regular bible reading time, it’s best to stick to a book of the bible till you’ve completely read it through instead of jumping around. 

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What do you think about as you write out scripture? 

Great question. 

I pray as I write scripture.

I ask God to deeply embed the scripture in my heart and mind.

I repeat the scripture in my head or out-loud, over and over so that I might hide it in my heart.

As I pray I ask God to reveal what He’d like me to know or understand about Him and the scripture that day.

Creative Scripture Writing Journal

I have a journal I write my scripture and prayers in. Nothing fancy.

Once I fill up the journal I put it in my bookcase and occasionally I take it out and re-read my prayers and scripture writings, but you could throw the journal away or cut out the scriptures you’ve written and tape them on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

Whatever works for you.

So, what is the best way to encourage yourself? 

Scripture Writing Journal

Prayer, scripture and time alone with God. 

I’ll be sharing my prayer/scripture writing journal in my group more often. I’d love for you to join me in sharing yours. Let’s all encourage each other.  Even if it’s just a piece a paper with God’s precious word written on it! 

Daily Scripture Writing Plan

Grab all my scripture writing plans before you leave!


Encourage Yourself Lord | Prayer-less lives are Power-less lives

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