Jesus Our Advocate

When You need to Trust Jesus as Your Advocate

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Jesus our advocate. The pale blue sky was a blank canvas that day. Nothing dared to move. As I looked out my window, the trees stood so still, as if they were scared to sway even an inch. As if, everything in nature knew the fierceness in which I prayed.


I sat. For several hours I sat. Staring out that window. Sobbing. Trying to hush the pain and tears that overwhelmed my heart and soul.


The words slung my way, like ammo in a mud fight, splattered everywhere and stung deeply to my core. What a mess I had to clean up!


Materially speaking, I’d lost everything due to the decisions of another person. I’d been called names no one deserves to have spoken over them.


I was made to feel like I was nothing and was definitely not enough.  The one person who had sworn to always stand beside me was now leaving.


And I was left to figure out how to clean up what looked like the aftermath of a tornado in our lives.


Who do you turn to when you find yourself being battered, bruised and falsely accused?

Jesus Our Advocate


An advocate was just what I needed and I prayed fiercely to Him!

There is something so comforting knowing that Jesus, our Savior, sits at the right hand of our Heavenly Father, praying for us, interceding on our behalf.

Some might ask why God didn’t protect me from this or why I even had to walk through this.

I want to encourage you in this thought: that God protects us in the fire not from the fire. Click To Tweet

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Jesus Our Advocate

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