Self Care Is Doing The Hard Stuff

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Self care is not staying in your pajamas all day and having leftover pie and coffee for breakfast. Although those are amazing and that is my current situation. The best self care routine is doing the hard stuff. Here is my list of self care ideas.

Self Care Ideas For…Everyone!

How can I practice self care?

What do you do on self care days?

Here are some quick examples of self-care you can take daily to treat yourself better:

  1. Practice good sleep habits.
  2. Hydrate throughout the day. Drink up! Does coffee count? LOL
  3. Take time for prayer.
  4. Spend time in nature daily. Fresh air is good for you.
  5. Take a break from draining people. 100% necessary!
  6. Incorporate fitness into your daily schedule.

Self Care Strategies for Real Life

Self care is taking a job you don’t like so you can get those bills paid, while still looking for your dream job. Pride doesn’t put a roof over your head, food on the table, nor pay the bills.

Self care is looking at your finances, creating a strict budget and cutting back on extras, that you love, in order to work on getting debt free. No more eating out everyday. No more buying thing you don’t need. It is saving money for emergencies so when disasters happen – we can handle it.

Self care is taking an inward look at your heart and thought life to see where you are hurting and/or sinning to then move forward on healing those areas.

What are examples of self care?

Self care is looking at the personal areas in your life where you need to strengthen. Looking straight at the failure and seeing what you need to do to change. Work on those areas so you’re a better person, employee, boss, business owner, husband, wife, daughter, son, mother, father or friend.

Self care is managing your time wisely so you are purposely making time for God, prayer and reading the Bible. You are getting up at a good time to get what needs to get done. You have time to get the house cleaned. You have time to share a cup of coffee with a friend. You have time with your spouse and kids.

Self care is taking time to be silly with the kids, getting quality time in with your family when you know the dinner dishes are needing to be done.

Self care may mean going to see a trained therapist to talk you thru some of the pain/trauma in your life and get help healing and moving forward. Work on healing and stop being stuck in victim mode.

Self care is taking a look at your friends and family and setting boundaries where boundaries are needed to protect your space, Mental life and immediate family. Perhaps letting go of friendship where you are frequently encouraged to do things you do not want to do. Especially if you have a hard time telling them no.

Self care is not taking on more than you can handle. That means saying no to opportunities that may sound great but God is telling you No. Or reevaluating what is on your plate and let go of something you are doing so you can take on that new project with out overloading your schedule.

Self care is having the hard conversations with your spouse in order to bring healing and peace to a painful situation. Compromise where compromise is needed. Stuffing our thoughts and feelings will only lead to us exploding later. Apologize often. Out love and out give each other. Selfishness will destroy your relationship.

Self care is not always eating chocolate and taking bubble baths. Although those are wonderful.

Self care shouldn’t be just a short escape from our stressful lives. Those are great but we should be actively creating the life we want and need so we don’t always need an escape from the real world.

Self care is doing the hard stuff now, healing, and creating a life – hand in hand with God – that we can enjoy. When disaster comes, and it will come, we are more stable, grounded, prepared and have our anchor in Christ to get us thru the storm.

How can I practice self care daily?

Here are some ideas for self-care:

  1. Simplify your schedule. Do not overwhelm yourself.
  2. Do something that energizes your body. Stretch, swim, run, or whatever physical activity you enjoy.
  3. Take a long, warm bath.
  4. Create a Gratitude List.
  5. Meet with a counselor. You can love Jesus and have a therapist! 100%
  6. Unplug for a day.
  7. Read your Bible. Listen to a good sermon.
  8. Do something new.

Why is self care important?

To keep up with this roadrunner form of living, we don’t think twice before putting self-care on the back burner. More often than not, it takes a wake-up call to notice the toll this kind of lifestyle takes on our lives.

Self care helps us know our worth and value, it helps keep our work and life more balanced and helps us manage stress.

Self care is important to your relationship with God and you following through on His will for your life. Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings, reduces stress and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Also, self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too.

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