Trusting God: Are You a Chicken Little?

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When I am Afraid I will Trust God. Trusting God is one of those subjects we all like to think we do well. The Christian answer to the question, “Do you trust God?” is always a resounding yes and we absolutely believe with all our hearts we are telling the truth! But when the rubber meets the road, are we truly being legit when it comes to the amount of trust we place in God?


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One of the most obvious, yet heart-breaking things I have seen lately, especially in the realm of social media, is the amount of trust we have placed in our government, and away from our God.

When I am Afraid I will Trust God

 Do you remember the child’s folktale of “Chicken Little”? He ran around declaring doom by yelling, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

That’s what social media is like these days. The Chicken Little’s of social media are running to and fro, gnawing their fingernails and wringing their hands. There is simply too much trust in our leadership and its failures, and not enough trust in our Lord.

The government makes decisions moving our moral compass so far off our biblical compass yet we’re surprised the dark is actually being the dark.

We have been promised in God’s Word that we will be hated because of Him. The Bible foretells that persecution is coming our way. This is happening right before our eyes.

It may be true that the sky is falling. And it may be true our country is going to hell in a hand basket. (whatever that means???) But I’m not. If you’re following Jesus, you’re not either.

When I am Afraid I will Trust God

We’re going to go through tough times. 

He already promised us tough times were ahead. 

So the question is…who are you going to follow? 

Who are you going to trust? 

The government…or God? 

How many times has the government told you they are holding you in their righteous right hand? (Isaiah 41:10) 

How many times has the government promised you peace that passes all human comprehension? (Philippians 4:7) 

How many times has the government told you that you don’t have to dread deadly disease, or the destruction that happens in broad daylight? (Psalm 91) 


We cannot put our trust in a government that will NEVER provide what our Creator can. 

Put your trust in a God that is like no other, loves you like no other, and watches over you like no other.

How to Trust in God

So the next time you see a Chicken Little on your screen, just remember the One in whom you put your trust. He will never leave you, and he will never forsake you. He is a trusted friend above all others.

And then in turn go be the light of the world! Don’t let the dark take over your world, be the light we have been called to be by showing your trust in the only One who can do anything about this situation.

Trust God.

Sheila Harper is the Founder and President of SaveOne, an international outreach ministry for men and women suffering in silence after an abortion. She is currently studying to obtain her Master’s degree in biblical counseling and is the author of five books, “SaveOne-A Guide to Emotional Healing after Abortion” which has been translated and distributed in ten languages. “SaveOne-The Men’s Study”, “May I Have This Dance? A Journal through Pregnancy”, “Survivor” which is her personal story of abortion, and “Is There Not a Cause?” which is her most recent book. She blogs at SheilaHarperBlog

SaveOne currently has 165 chapters in sixteen countries. Sheila has traveled the world speaking on the topic of abortion recovery as well as training abortion recovery leaders and facilitators.

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