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Whisper of Hope Devotional {Printable}

This Hope Devotional is a great tool to use whenever your heart and soul is weary and you need that extra encouragement pointing you to Jesus. Let’s be women who would rather rejoice in what is and what will be, than wallow in what isn’t. Disappointment only stings for as long as I let it. Grab the Hope Devotional Toolkit below.

When the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines; when the olive trees do not produce and the fields yield no crops; when the sheep disappear from the pen and there are no cattle in the stalls— I will rejoice because of the Lord; I will be happy because of the God who delivers me! The Sovereign Lord is my source of strength. He gives me the agility of a deer; he enables me to negotiate the rugged terrain.

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Hope Devotional For The Hard Days

When life seems to be engulfed in all things that break our hearts, we can fix our eyes on everything that is going wrong or we can choose to purposefully praise God and lean in closer to Him.

We are only as intimate with God as we choose to be.

When we are distracted and discouraged, tired and overwhelmed, there is no better place to go than to the feet of Jesus – our Heavenly Father.

He alone has what we need. Don’t hide away or allow yourself to become isolated from God and from the people He puts in your life to encourage you and help you.

Use these Scriptures On Hope to develop a heart that trusts God in the midst of trouble and heartache. Working on developing a heart that safely trusts in God helps you take a step away from the disappointment and fear and focus on the truth of God and His goodness.

What Does It Mean To Put Your Hope In God

Biblical hope not only desires something good for the future — it expects it to happen. And it not only expects it to happen — it is confident that it will happen. There is a moral certainty that the good we expect and desire will be done.

God doesn’t allow suffering without a plan for good to come out of it. He is our source of hope. We may not see healing, wholeness and His blessings till this side of Heaven, but we can trust the heart of God to follow through with every single one of His promises.

“Paul writes in Romans 15 that everything in the Scripture—by which he means what we call the Old Testament—was written to instruct us in the Christian hope. Throughout the Old Testament we see God’s faithfulness in spite of man’s sin. We see the saints going through times of suffering and discouragement. We see the saints exiled to the wilderness, with no apparent future. But we also see that in time, God brings them back for greater service than before. The kingdom of God never shrinks; it may flow underground for a season, but it always emerges mightier than before. God is not going to be the loser in history!” – Ligonier

Scriptures on Hope

Use this Scriptures on Hope list for your next Scripture Writing and Bible Study on Hope. This is a 30 day bible reading plan/scripture writing plan that you can print out and use in your daily quiet time with God.

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Whisper Of Hope Devotional Journal

Is your Bible study and prayer time hindered because you …

✔️ Just can’t add one more thing to your to-do list.

✔️ Struggle to be consistent because life gets in the way.

✔️ Don’t know how to pray or study the Bible.

Can I whisper a bit of hope to your heart today?

For years I would watch and listen in awe when other people prayed. I struggled with knowing what to say when I prayed and how to study the Bible. I also felt like I couldn’t fit Prayer and Bible study in my day.

My Whisper Of Hope Devotional bible study and scripture writing journal changed all of that! It walked me through the baby steps I needed to take to have consistent and effective time with God.

The Whisper of Hope Devotional Bible Study and Scripture Writing journal can do the same for you!

✨“Before I began writing scripture and then praying over it, I simply did not pray. This has been an absolute game-changer for me.” – Mary P.

✨ “I started this as a way to help deal with my anxiety. I found starting the day off in God’s word helped calm me and it stayed with me all day. Doing this has lead me to other ways of studying the word, I’ve never really studied the Bible before but now I enjoy it so much! ” – Melissia G.

✨“My focus is better, I’m meditating on the Word better. Holy Spirit is working with me. I find I crave more Word.” -Gail C.

When you buy my Whisper of Hope Devotional bible study and scripture writing journal you’ll have:

💜A 25 page printable bible study and scripture writing journal that you can reprint any time you need extra pages.

💜 A organized system to help you stay focused and stop wasting time trying to figure out what to read, study and pray.

💜 The 3 ps, baby steps, to help you build up the habit of overcoming trials and stay focused on God.

💜 Worksheets to guide your bible reading and prayer time in just a few minutes every day.

💜 Topical Bible Reading page to encourage and guide you in your Bible study and prayer time.

💜 Prayer prompts to help you stay focused on God and remain calm in the storms of life.

💜 Printable page of planner stickers.

Don’t put your time with God on the back burner one more day. With all the craziness going on in our world prayer and Bible study should not be the last resort!

You can pray and study God’s word consistently and effectively. Are you ready?

The Whisper of Hope Devotional Bible Study and Scripture Writing journal is available for a limited time special price…

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What is your favorite passage of scripture that brings you hope? Let me know in the comments below.

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Fighting For Faith and Hope – To get your FREE printable; Fighting for Faith and Hope scripture cards click HERE. There is both an English and Spanish version. Print them out, I like card stock, but regular printer paper works too. Tape them about your home or use them as a bookmark.

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SOAP Bible Study Method with printable – The SOAP Bible Study Method is to a christian as a diving suit and oxygen tank is to a scuba diver. Sure, the scuba diver can go underwater without the suit and tank, but she won’t get very far. Bible study is vital for christians. We can’t know Christ without reading the Bible for ourselves.

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