Benefits of writing scripture

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Writing Scripture is a creative way to get God’s word in our hearts and minds. It can help us focus on God’s word, grow in our knowledge of the Lord and help us apply scripture to our daily lives.

Writing scripture also helps me to pray God’s word. Slowing down and praying God’s word into our lives and over our lives is a part of cultivating our relationship with God and deepening our faith.

What Is Scripture Writing

What Is Scripture Writing? The short answer is that scripture writing is simply reading and then writing out passages of scripture in your journal. Some people like to write out one verse a day that is topic focused, while others write out whole chapters and books of the Bible.

I have about two years worth of monthly scripture writing plans to help you get started in writing out scripture.

scripture writing

History of Scripture Writing

Did you know kings in the Bible wrote out the laws? This means they wrote out scripture and it was part of their duty as king.

When he takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself on a scroll a copy of this law, taken from that of the Levitical priests.

Deuteronomy 18:18

The Bible Says, “Having discussed what the king should not do during his reign, Moses turned his attention to what the king needs to do when it shall come about when he sits on the throne of his kingdom (v. 18). Shortly after taking the throne, the king was to write for himself a copy of this law on a scroll. The covenant treaty was placed in the LORD’s dwelling place (Deuteronomy 31:26), and the king was required to create a copy of it for himself. By writing himself a copy, the king will understand the law more thoroughly.”

CRU Ministry says, “Before the invention of the printing press, the only way to duplicate a manuscript was to spend hours (weeks? months? years?) laboriously copying it by hand. Note: It took one modern scribe four years, of writing up to 14 hours a day with fine-tipped markers, to handwrite a copy of the Bible! Can you imagine the pressure of not screwing up and having to start over?

Scribes in biblical times used primarily two writing surfaces on which to record scripture: plant fibers and animal skins. The oldest known papyrus (plant) fragment dates back to 2400 BC. Parchment (leather) scrolls have survived from about 1500 BC. To a lesser degree, scribes also used pottery chards, stones inscribed with an iron pen, clay tablets engraved with a sharp instrument and dried, and wax tablets created by covering a flat piece of wood with wax.”

I find it so interesting that in Biblical times the kings were to write out scripture! Hour and hours. Days upon days. Writing out holy scripture and learning what they have to say.

Examples Of Scripture Writing

Pretty regularly I post my daily scripture writing to my social media accounts. Here are some examples of my scripture writing…

Here is a scripture writing example I did on the topic of Finding Joy. I loved this 30 day scripture writing challenge. I learned so much about joy. Did you know joy is both a gift from God and something we are to stir up and work on cultivating in our lives!?

Here is another example of my scripture writing. This is my God Is Light Scripture Writing challenge. Did you know God calls himself light, the light of the world? And so many aspects of God are referred to as light.

Another way to do scripture writing is use a journal. This is an example of Scripture writing in my prayer journal. I will either doodle and write out scripture or glue in different elements such as magazine clippings, napkins, stickers, old paper, etc.

Here is another example of writing out scripture in a prayer journal.

Here are several more examples of how I do my Scripture writing in different journals.

Benefits Of Scripture Writing

For me personally, the benefits of scripture writing have changed my life! Through scripture writing I’ve been able to memorize scripture, learn what the Bible has to say on so many different topics, it leads my Bible study time, keeps my heart and thoughts focused on God’s word and so much more.

But don’t just take my word for it! Here are several testimonies from ladies who use my scripture writing plans.

My appreciation for the Word of God has grown…Not all of our Christian friends know or have considered Scripture writing to help them grow in their faith. I look forward to sharing about it while I can.

Lori M.

I am a bit of a researcher, so I really enjoy pulling it apart, and finding the Hebrew/Greek origins, which take time, but always helps me to understand the verse more

Jacquie R.

It helps it to stick in my forgetful brain better and helps me reflect on its meaning and feel closer to my Lord.

Brenda B.

I have learned doing it early in the day literally changes how I embrace my day. It changes how I talk to others, how I receive them, how they receive me. My perception of things that happen that are out of my control changes. I can genuinely walk in that peace that surpasses all understanding despite situations and circumstances that may arise. If I don’t plug in to my source the first part of my day. My day can become very reckless fast. We know we will be tempted but for me this changes the response to the temptation.

Maisha B.

Frequently as I’m writing the scripture I’ll have an ahhh ha moment. It’s like a light goes on and I see something I’ve not seen before even though I’ve read the scripture before.

Lore H.

It helps me show down and think about the Scripture instead of just reading over it. I think about what it means, what I learn about God, how I can apply it to my life and grow in my relationship with Him.

Brenda S.

I like your term intentional. I have had the best intentions to write Scriptures but nothing ever came of it. I never knew where to begin. By having a set Scripture passage each day to focus on and my intentional commitment to spend 30 minutes listening for how God wants to speak I find it very helpful. I am learning and retaining the Scripture much easier.

Judy B.

As an educator, I know that what I see or hear I retain somewhat, what I see/hear and write I retain much more thoroughly. I feel as though I have a full meal rather than just a snack.

Kay W.

In my quietness before the Lord, writing Scripture allows me to focus only on Him! Distractions become minimal when His Word is flowing from the Bible to my head and heart, and onto my journal pages! He speaks to me as I write!

Virginia O.

Writing has helped me remember verses I love. I’m not good at memorizing word for word, but I’m able to pull the verse from my memory when I need it. I’ve needed the Bible so much especially recently and knowing verses comforts me so much. It calms me when I’m upset too. By the time I’m done writing and reflecting on the verse I’m feeling a little better.

Danielle T.

Scripture Writing Journal

My heart is to help women focus on God’s word through the hard times. Scripture writing is one way we can accomplish that.

While each unique scripture writing plan has an accompanying journal, I created a generic journal you can use with any scripture writing plan you want to work through.

Use this 15 page printable Scripture Writing Journal along with one of my scripture writing plans to help you get started in reading and writing out scripture everyday. Make this a habit and you’ll see your relationship with God flourish in no time at all.

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