What to do when God is silent

When God is Silent

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My eyes were red, swollen, and burning from the tears. It hurt to cry. I questioned God and I blamed God. I cried off and on for days and was deeply hurt, shaken and brought to my knees. I sought God for answers, help and comfort. What do you do when you feel God is silent?

Have you ever asked WHY! Why God? Why would You let this happen to me? Why is God silent? Am I nothing to You? I asked Him all this plus more. I accused Him of leaving me. Where was my shelter from all the horrific events that had happened to me?  My thoughts were; I try so hard to serve You and I get this in return. 

Reasons Why God is Silent

When I let my mind focus on my pain, I look at man and the sin instead of God.

Have you ever been there? Has the silence of God in your life ever been eerily strong

The truth is God is never silent, never absent, but always near and always working on our behalf for His Glory! 

God’s silence is how it feels, it’s not how it is.

Don’t ignore what you feel is God being silent – Some of the biggest moves God has made in my life have come after a period of spiritual dryness and deep pain. When it seemed like God was doing nothing in your life but watching it spiral out of control I want to encourage you to stay very close to God and watch for Him to eventually display His power. He will in the His time.

God is always working in the background, even when we can’t feel it and don’t see his hand moving. And in His mercy, perhaps, he has us feel like he is silent so we step closer to Him.

Psalm 112:7 
They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. 

Waiting on God involves learning to lay our questions before him. It means that there is something better than knowing all the answers: knowing and trusting the only One who does know and will never forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

I dove deeper into God’s word. Following my favorite Bible Study Method.

And sometimes, I would just say the name “Jesus”, over and over. I would also listen to Praise and Worship music to help my mood.

I prayed over my thoughts and emotions. I asked God to protect my mind and to let my thoughts, feelings and emotions to be the ones He would want me to have in this situation. 

I invited the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort me. 

When God is Silent

I started to allow God to mold me, change me and heal me. I worked on seeking God as my shelter while still learning to forgive and walk in a better place within me. 

In God’s perfect timing, He brought into my life amazing Christian women who poured into me, spoke truth to me, held me while I cried, but encouraged me to move forward and stand in who I was as a daughter of Christ.

If ever I was wrong or unbalanced, they would let me know and encourage me to do better. Most importantly, they prayed for me! There is just something about a Christian friend that will stand with you in prayer and fasting. 

I looked into who the Bible says I am, and God’s love for me. I remind myself daily of those truths

Little by little, day by day,  and sometimes it felt like a snail pace, but slowly I was able to, with God’s help, get out of that broken state I was in. 

I stood, arms wide open to the Everlasting God. I soaked up all I could of God’s love.  I imagined me sitting at his feet and laying my head on His lap. It brought comfort knowing God loves me ( and He loves you the same way) so much. 

I share all this to encourage you. We all will go through hard times in life. Either from our own sin or the sins from others. However, God has a filter on our lives. He sets laws we, as Christians, should follow in an effort to filter out as much sin and bad things from our lives as we can.

When we truly seek our God, everything, good and bad goes through His filter first. He doesn’t cause the bad. Yes, we have a free will to choose Him and His ways. 

Yet still, we can choose to live a life that is God filtered. As we walk through difficult times, we can choose to allow this to bring us closer to God or we can choose to allow the pain, bitterness and callousness settle down and pitch a tent in our hearts. 

We must sharpen our listening skills. Learning to hear the Holy Spirit and follow His gentle guiding. Especially when we go through such sorrow. 

What can I (and you) learn from this? Even through the pain, God is there. I am not alone. He may have me walk through hard times but He goes before me, He walks with me. It is to bring me closer to Him. It is to change me for the better. 

What to do When God is Silent

And now?

My walk with God is closer than it has ever been. I worship Him more freely. I have access to His peace. Through His love, grace and mercy, I am able to extend those things to the ones who cause me pain. 

I don’t have the right words to adequately describe our God. My words fall short. But my heart and soul is won by our amazing, loving God. 

And I praise Him!

Are you in one of those seasons where you feel God is silent? How do you handle these periods of time?

When God is Silent. How to live a God filtered life.
What to do when God is silent

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13 thoughts on “When God is Silent”

  1. I love the term that you use here, a God filtered life. That draws such a clear picture in my mind when I think about living in a way that God has designed for me. No, we are never alone. This is a beautiful, encouraging post, Starla.

  2. This is a wonderful post. We have to turn to Him like this in the midst of the worst things we are going through. He will be there and help us bear our burden, even if He does not take it away. He sees us, and He desires us to call on Him and fully lean on Him when the bad times hit. I hope you pass through this season closer to Him and more refreshed with His love!

  3. Love the encouragement in this post, Starla! You are so right – it is all about living a God-filtered life. Anything else falls so short of His best for us and the incredible peace He grants us when we choose to seek Him regardless of our circumstances.

    Blessings to you and yours, my friend!

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